Which is Sigourney Weaver's best accomplishment

Sigourney Weaver

The woman who was Ellen Ripley: Ridley Scott's film "Alien", in which she was the only survivor of an intergalactic mission, made the bitter New England beauty Sigourney Weaver a world star. She swore three times that she would not allow herself to be slammed into any sequel of the scifi horror spectacle, three times she was persuaded by increasingly higher million dollar fees. So followed in 1986 "Aliens - The Return", 1992 "Alien 3"and 1997"Alien - The rebirth".

Susan Alexandra Weaver (the stage name Sigourney is F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby"Borrowed) comes from a New York family famous for its numerous comedians. Her mother Elizabeth Inglis was a well-known actress, father Sylvester Weaver was temporarily president of the television company NBC. Sigourney, who starred in Ivan Reitman's gentle comedy"Dave"(1993) plays the wife of the US President alias Kevin Kline and effortlessly creates the impression that the White House is a suitable place to live, celebrated her great successes after the disgusting but iconic" Alien "in a number of very different ones Movies.

She was never more convincing than at the side of Mel Gibson in Peter Weir's "A year in hell"(1983), with Bill Murray and Harold Ramis in"Ghostbusters"(1984) or in Michael Apted's" Gorillas im Nebel "(1988). She was less impressive in films in which she had to put her femininity in the foreground, for example in"Half Moon Street"(1986), who plays in the high-class prostitute milieu, or in the widely overrated Mike Nichols outfit"The weapons of women"(1988), where Sigourney's portrayal of a career woman barely goes beyond caricature.

Other films with Sigourney Weaver: Woody Allens "The city neurotic"(1976)," Madman "(1978)," 3 by Cheever: O Youth and Beauty! "," 3 by Cheever: The Sorrows of Gin "(both TV, 1979),"the eye witness"(1980)," The bomb shop "(1983)," Terror im Parquet "(1984), alongside GĂ©rard Depardieu in" A woman to fall in love with "(1985),"Ghostbusters II"(1989), again with Depardieu in Ridley Scott's Columbus film"1492 - The Conquest of Paradise" (1992), "Death and the maiden"(1994), Jon Amiels"Copykill" (1995), "Jeffrey" (1995), "Snow white"(1996), Ang Lees"The ice storm"(1997)," A Map Of The World ""Galaxy Quest - Planlessly through space"(both 1999),"Cuba libre - Dumber than the CIA allows"," Speak Truth To Power "(both 2000),"Heartbreakers - attention: sharp turns!"," Tadpole "(2001),"The Secret of Green Lake" (2003), "Imaginary Heroes" and "The Village"(both 2004),"Snow Cake" (2005), "It was never in wonderland"(2006, speaker),"8 angles", "Girl in the park", "Wacky"(all 2007),"WALL-E - The last one is cleaning up the earth" (Voice), "Baby mom"(both 2008),"Avatar - Departure for Pandora" (2009), "You again" (2010), "Paul - an alien on the run", "Welcome to Cedar Rapids", "Breathless-Dangerous Truth"(all 2011),"The Cold Light of Day", "Red lights"(both 2012).