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Useful information about your visit to the castle

Service for people with disabilities

Here you will find information on how to prepare your visit to the castle if your mobility is restricted.

Important notice for visitors without prior reservation

Experience shows that most visitors come in the months July to September to Neuschwanstein; therefore must especially at this time with considerable waiting times be expected. It is also possible that all available tickets for Neuschwanstein are already available at lunchtime sold out are. We recommend You therefore, Neuschwanstein Castle if possible outside of this period to visit.


Tickets / visit

Please note our information on ticket sales! Here you will find detailed information about your visit to the castle.

Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle is only possible as part of a guided tour.



Bulky items / luggage

Please do not bring any luggage into the castle! Strollers and baby carriers are also not allowed. We recommend leaving luggage in the car or bus.


Photo and film recordings

Are in the castle Unfortunately, photo and video recordings are not permitted. For photo and film recordings, you generally need a written - possibly chargeable - photo permit or filming permit. Outdoor recordings for private purposes however, they are allowed free of charge. Neuschwanstein Castle borders directly on the Ammergebirge nature reserve; the operation of model aircraft or drones / multicopters is therefore not permitted.


In Neuschwanstein, free WiFi is available in the outside area of ​​the castle, in the castle restaurant, at all assembly and meeting points as well as on the route between the coach turning area and the start or end point of the guided tours.



Dogs and other animals allowed in the castle not taken become; Unfortunately, we cannot offer supervision for animals that you have brought with you.

Neuschwanstein Castle in pictures

Webcam (realized by Christian Schimpel and Ralf Hartmann)

Interactive tour of Neuschwanstein Castle