Why can't I find someone like me

Data protection: Who can find me on Facebook?

Everyone decides for themselves what they can find out about themselves in their own Facebook profile. Those who want can limit their own privacy to friends only.

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Default setting not very secure

Everyone can usually find their own profile using the search function, because this is the standard setting on Facebook. But that doesn't have to be the case: If you don't want to be found using the search function, first click on “Account” and “Privacy settings”. Then under “General information” click on “Show settings”. Now change the setting in the line «Ability to search for me on Facebook», from «Everyone» to «Only friends» or «Friends of friends».

Make your Facebook profile invisible to Google

To block public search engines such as Google and unknown users, click on “Back to Privacy” and in the bottom left under “Applications and websites” on “Edit your settings”. Now just click on “Edit settings” in the next window in the “Public search” line. After unchecking «Activate public search», only desired visitors have access. Your own Facebook profile is then no longer listed on search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

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| Updated: Thursday December 14, 2017 3:23 pm

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