There was 007 before James Bond

On January 24, 1963, James Bond was seen in German cinemas for the first time. On that day began a myth that has not lost its tension to this day. The first Bond to be made into a movie for the cinema was "James Bond 007 Chasing Dr. No". With this film the most successful cinema series in the world began. To date, 23 films have been made (including unofficial ones). Including the latest Bond film "CASINO ROYALE". In the 45 year old Bond story, the British Secret Service was portrayed by 6 actors.

It started with Sean Connery, who is idolized by die-hard Bond fans as the best of all actors. He was replaced by George Lazenby in 1969. Lazenby didn't go down well with the audience at all. It was therefore only enough for one film. The title is: "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". The best Bond movie in my opinion. Unfortunately wrongly occupied. Sean Connery came back and played the cool agent again in 1971. After that it was finally over and Connery said, "Never again". In 1973, the image of the previously rather humorless Bond was nurtured. With Roger Moore, the smart British guy who brought a bit of humor to the Bond films with his sayings. Roger Moore played James Bond in 7 films, setting the record for Sean Connery, who also worked on 7 Bond adventures in Her Majesty's service. 1983, Sean Connery returned once more. He played in a competing production for United Artitst, in the Talia film production "Never Say Never" the James Bond. This film is a remake of "Fireball". Sean Connery's wife came up with the title. Micheline Roquebrune invented this title because Connery never really wanted to play Bond again. But it was again the money that lured him in front of the camera. After Roger Moore quit his job in 1985 after the film "In the Face of Death", Timothy Dalton came in 1987 for two adventures. But since he didn't get too good reviews from the audience either, he too went into the desert in 1989. Then it was quiet about the most dangerous agent in the world. The producers didn't know who to put in the role. Several actors were in conversation. Even Mel Gibson, among others. In 1995 you finally struck gold and all Bond fans were overjoyed that it was finally going on. Pierce Brosnan is the 007 of the nineties. Brosnan embodies James Bond as you imagine it to be. He's a little bit Connery and a little bit Moore. However, he's a lot of Brosnan too. In 2006 there was another change in the main actor. Daniel Craig took over the role and now embodies a James Bond as he has never been seen before.