When is World Braille Day?

January 4th: World Braille Day / World Braille Day / World Braille Day

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World Braille Day has been celebrated annually since 2001 on the birthday of Louis Braille (1809-52). Braille is still used by the blind today. It comprises six points, three in height and two in width. Six dots result in 64 combinations including the space.

Central page World Braille Day: >> http://www.worldblindunion.org/English/news/P ..

However, since more characters are required for screen work, an additional fourth line is often added, so that a total of eight points are available for the computer Braille. In this way there are 256 combinations. Braille designed the font at the age of 15 as a student at the Institution Royale des Jeunes Aveugles.

Here is a comprehensive (and worth seeing) video on Braille, approx. 7 minutes long:

PS: VIDEO with data protection: A connection to youtube is only established when the video is started!

With the help of special software and hardware, text and information can be output in “Braille” and in voice mode. At the European level, however, progress in Germany is still far behind Spain and Great Britain. There are stronger associations and differently regulated copyright provisions. (>> source)

PDF documents can also be tactile. >> http://www.bbsb.org/presse/ .. | >> http://www.blindenschrift.net/

Braille enables blind people to work on computers. And this is how it looks: http://www.deutschlandradiokultur.de/we ..

Tips for World Braille Day

The Book of Braille: Writings. Practice. Dictionary with embossed Braille alphabet - but only the alphabet is coined….

Perhaps better suited for palpation: the black book of colors : .. an extraordinary, a special picture book. The colors are described with one sentence on the left: how they smell, how they taste, how they feel, e.g. B. Yellow is as soft as the fluff of chicks. The descriptive sentence is repeated in Braille. On the right-hand side, the things described are printed in relief and can thus be felt with the fingertips. A book that sensitizes all the senses and gives children (and adults too) an idea of ​​what it means to be blind. 19.95 / 15.20, 24 pages, from 2008.

And the history: Louis Braille: A blind boy invents Braille 14, - / 10, -, 110 pages from 2012.

Many days, even a week, are dedicated to seeing in Germany:

October 11: World Sight Day

October 8: Start of the nationwide Week of Seeing

June 6th: nationwide visually impaired day

And in the US there is

October 15th: White Cane Day

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