What's next after a BDS

BDS demand implemented - reform of the craft regulations is coming!

We will reintroduce the master craftsman requirement for some trades. We are thus implementing an important project in the coalition agreement.

When deciding which trades the master craftsman's obligation is to be reintroduced, we apply clear, objective and unambiguous criteria. We make sure that we comply with the requirements of German constitutional law and European law.

We are convinced that the master craftsman's certificate in German craft provides the best guarantee for quality work, consumer protection, performance and innovation.

The master craftsman's obligation also contributes significantly to securing the next generation of skilled workers through high-quality professional training and further education. Our goal is more quality for our customers and more young people in the craft through better training.

Decisive for the introduction of the master craftsman's duty is whether the trades involved are prone to danger, the improper exercise of which means a danger to life and health. In addition, those crafts should be taken into account that are covered by the protection of cultural property or are to be regarded as intangible cultural property. The new regulation will be evaluated after five years.

In the summer, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy carried out an intensive dialogue and consultation process in which all trades and social partners were heard. A comprehensive hearing also took place in the Economic Committee of the German Bundestag.

After evaluating the hearings, we will propose to the coalition working group “Reform of the Crafts and Trades Code” in the German Bundestag that the master craftsman's obligation be reintroduced for the following twelve trades:

  • Tile, slab and mosaic layers
  • Concrete block and terrazzo manufacturer
  • Screed layer
  • Tank and apparatus builder
  • Parquet layer
  • Roller shutter and sun protection technician
  • Woodturners and wooden toy makers
  • Cooper
  • Glass refiner
  • Sign and illuminated advertising manufacturer
  • Interior decorator
  • Organ and harmonium builder

Existing companies that are not currently subject to the master craftsman's obligation are allowed to continue to practice their craft independently and receive grandfathering.

After the discussion in the coalition working group on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019, we will ask the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to quickly bring a draft law into motion. After the decision of the federal government, the deliberations in the Bundesrat and Bundestag follow. Our goal is for the changes to the Crafts and Trades Code to come into force at the beginning of 2020.