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Takamine EF341SC Bruce Springsteen

matter for the boss

The Takamine EF341SC Bruce Springsteen is the dreadnought of choice when it comes to acoustic guitars for the boss. You can trust his recommendation without hesitation, because what he gives on stage, he also demands from his material: hours of stamina and a perfect sound that comes from Takamine's unique pickup system. And last but not least, a cool look with high “street credibility”.

Black beauty with six strings

The Takamine EF341SC Bruce Springsteen from the Legacy series is a dreadnought with cutaway and pickup, wrapped in a shiny black robe. The top is made of solid cedar, the back and sides are made of laminated maple. The mahogany neck with the rosewood fingerboard offers 20 frets and a length of 64.4cm. The electronics used are Takamine's own “Palathetic” pickups with particularly large piezo crystals and the CT-4BII preamp with a tuner. The tone controls are simple but effective. With controls for low, mid and high you have the sound firmly under control.

Optimal sound especially on stage

Of course you can play the Takamine EF341SC in the living room or around the campfire. The solid cedar top gives it a fat, dynamic tone with the typical dreadnought timbre. But she feels really good on stage. The locked body, together with the palathetic pickup, ensures stress-free amplification and guarantees an outstanding sound experience. And the very precise tuner ensures a consistently good mood.

About Takamine

In 1959, a family business is founded in Sakashita, Japan, which mainly deals with the construction of classical guitars. Three years later, the company, which has grown in the meantime, is named after the mountain at the foot of which it lies: Takamine. Especially under the leadership of the guitar maker Mass Hirade, the guitars acquire an excellent reputation worldwide. But only the development of the patented Palathetic pickup and the first electro-acoustic guitar paved the way for what Takamine is known for today: the ultimate stage guitar. An impressive user list proves the popularity of the various models. Here you will find illustrious names such as Glenn Frey, Garth Brooks, Bruno Mars, Bruce Springsteen or Jon Bon Jovi.

Always ready piecework

If you look at the list of friends of the EF341SC, it becomes clear that the Takamine specifically appeals to the hard-working faction. Chords, whether struck, plucked or shaken, are her profession, and song accompaniment, regardless of style, is her core competence. Of course, despite being shirt-sleeved, she is sensitive enough to survive fingerpicking. But you should have long arms for this, because you really can't blame her for being too small.