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Data protection regulations for applications

1. Basic principles

The ias group is subject to the following principles when protecting your personal data:

  • The ias group collects, processes and uses your personal data in compliance with the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the data protection regulations of the European Union.
  • The ias group uses your personal data exclusively as part of the application process.

2. Access to personal data

2.1 Registration information

So that the ias group can process your application, it must collect and process certain personal data from you as registration information when you register. These are the following data:

  • Salutation
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Connection data (e.g. IP address)
  • Phone numbers
  • salary expectations
  • Attachment upload for cover letter
  • Attachment upload for application documents (e.g. curriculum vitae, certificates)
  • Source of information for the application
  • Free field for "Additional information"

2.2 Voluntary information

In addition to the registration information, you can voluntarily provide additional information that will enable the ias group to get to know you better and to select you as a suitable job contact. The voluntary information includes, for example: title, project experience and references.

2.3 Note on sensitive data

Please note that in particular CVs, certificates or the other data you have transmitted for the purpose of application may also contain particularly sensitive data. We therefore recommend that you do not provide any information about particularly sensitive data. If you provide us with information of this kind, you agree that we may save and use this information in accordance with this data protection declaration.

2.4 Data access

Your online application will be processed by the recruiting department of the ias group and forwarded to the decision-maker in the responsible department or subsidiary for review. When you are included in the talent pool, the employees within the ias group who are involved in filling the vacant positions have access to your saved data and files.

2.5 Consent / Use / Information

The ias group uses the data you provide exclusively to carry out the application and selection process. Your personal data will be used, among other things, for:

  • Execution of selections based on the stored criteria, tags and keywords
  • Contract initiation

By submitting the aforementioned data to the ias group, you declare your express and unrestricted consent that the aforementioned data may be collected, stored and processed in the form described above. This data protection declaration of consent is given to the recruiting department of the ias group and the respective company and company of the ias group for whose position you have applied. If you have given your consent to be included in the talent pool, you consent to your data and files being passed on between the companies of the ias group and made accessible to the employees involved in the application process.

The ias group expressly declares that it will not be used beyond this, in particular for advertising purposes and / or passed on to third parties. You are entitled to view the data stored about you or your company at any time and free of charge. Please send an email to karriere [at]

2.6 deletion

If your application for a job offer is unsuccessful or you withdraw your application, the data and files transmitted will be automatically deleted six months after the application process has been completed. This does not apply if statutory provisions prevent deletion, if further storage is necessary for the purpose of providing evidence or if you have expressly consented to longer storage. If your application is followed by the conclusion of a contract, your data and files can continue to be used as part of the employment relationship. If you have agreed to be included in the ias group's talent pool, so that the data and files you have transmitted can also be taken into account when filling other vacancies, your data and files will be saved in the talent pool without automatic deletion after a certain period of time.

2.7 Revocation

You can revoke your consent to the collection, processing, storage and use of your data at any time with effect for the future. To do this, you can send an informal email to [email protected], stating the application date, the location and the position. In this case, the deletion takes place according to the above-mentioned principles, at the earliest six months after completion of the application process.

3. Accessibility of the data protection regulations

You can access and print out these data protection regulations from the ias group website under the link Data protection regulations for applications.