How do I automate computer tasks

With Ellp, you can automate PC tasks with just a few clicks of the mouse. 2021

Multitasking is overrated and, in most cases, productivity drops. Smartphones and computers today come with many advanced features and tools and apps, but managing those apps and programs on your device is easier said than done. Here comes Ellp for use. Ellp, one free task automation software gives you a better device experience by simplifying the technology. The program uses some tools to connect and automate things on your device, free up space or download Facebook photos.

Automate PC tasks

Ellp is an application that automates your tasks so that you can work comfortably on your devices. It comes in a lightweight file and takes less than a minute to land and install on your PC. Ellp works with one Card system where each card specifies a particular task. You just have to mirror the cards one by one and configure the settings according to your own needs. You don't necessarily have to activate every card; You can turn some of these off if you want. While the cards are clearly displayed in the main overview, they are also divided into different categories such as Storage , Internet , Schedule and Devices sorted .

Free up storage space

That's what the first card says. All you have to do is turn over the first card and activate it. Once activated, this card lets you know when your device's hard drive is getting full and helps you free up space. You can adjust the percentage according to your own preferences; The program is set to 85% by default, which means that Ellp will start cleaning the junk files from your PC as soon as your disk space is 85% full. By activating this card, you will get rid of the unwanted files that are clogging up the space on your PC. The program runs smoothly in the background to manage your storage space and can occasionally tell you that it is working with a little pop-up window.

Download photos from Facebook

On the second Ellp map, you can download the Facebook photos that you are tagged on. After you flip this card over and activate it, it will automatically download the photos from Facebook as soon as you are tagged this is mentioned as an automatic feature of Ellp. Remember, this is your intervention. You must be logged into your Facebook account and authorize the app to access your profile. You also need to specify a folder for Facebook photos.

Block duplicate file download

We often download the duplicate files which blocks the hard drive space. This is where the third card from Ellp helps. Once activated, this card blocks the download of the duplicate file, be it a photo, document, email attachments or an app. If you accidentally download a duplicate file, Ellp will keep the newest one and automatically delete the older ones.

Mute PC

Frequent notifications get annoying at times, especially when we are sleeping. Turn the fourth card and you can set your PC to go silent. Set the time and Ellp will automatically mute your PC in the selected hours.

play music

Turning the fifth card in Ellp will automatically launch a music website as soon as you connect your headphones or another sound output device. You can select your preferred website from the drop-down menu or add it manually. Turn the card over, activate it and select the website where you want to enjoy the music. Options include YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, or more. Please note that Ellp only recognizes the devices via the USB connection.

Open your favorite website

We all have some of our favorite websites to visit first as soon as we turn on our PC. This next map on Ellp is sort of a shortcut to open your favorite website as soon as your computer system boots. Either click on Other and select the website from the drop-down menu or manually add your preferred website. The websites added by default are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and YouTube.

Start Skype automatically

The next card is for frequent Skype users. Flip the card over and activate it to launch Skype Messenger every time you plug in the headphones. Simply plug in the headphones and you can connect with your friends without delay.

Shut down the PC

Flip the last card over and schedule your PC to shut down. You can also choose your PC to hibernate, hibernate, or restart. Simply flip the card, select the time zone and the desired option, done! Ellp the multitasking program will then follow the directions and do what is needed.

The Ellp app is still in beta and could have some bugs, but we didn't find any. It might not be a must-do program, but yes, overall, Ellp is a useful automation program that helps users automate their tasks with just a few clicks. Yes, it can take some time to configure and customize, but it is all a one-time effort. Once you adjust your settings, Ellp's automation program will handle everything smoothly. The interface is pretty simple and clean. Customization is minimal and is perfect for less experienced PC users or users with minimal PC knowledge.

Yes, configuration and adjustments can take some time, but it is all a one-time effort. Once you have made your settings, Ellp, the task automation software, will do everything smoothly.

Download Ellp here and handle your daily routine chores.

AutoStarter X3 is another freeware that can be used to automate routine computer tasks with batch files.