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Software engineering degree

Do you want to actively shape digital change? No problem with a software engineering degree, because you will learn to develop and program tailor-made IT solutions. We have put together for you everything you should know about the course!

General information on software engineering studies

The digital change is advancing and influencing society and their daily interaction. With a software engineering degree you can actively participate in the design of digital development and use tailor-made software solutions to ensure that highly complex information technology problems are solved.

At the same time, teamwork plays a very important role in the IT scene, because you usually work with other teams or developers who may have a different focus than you, so that your work complements each other. Project management, social skills and business basics in the software engineering course ensure that you can face these challenges competently.

Find suitable universities

Our partner portal lists all universities, technical colleges and academies that offer software engineering courses and related courses. We will introduce some of them to you in this section:

In the first semesters of the Bachelor in Software Engineering, the Basics of computer science and software engineering on which the rest of the course builds. There is also basic knowledge of business administration, communication technology and IT security issues.

During the course of your studies, you can apply and deepen this knowledge through various project work. In addition, depending on the university, there are various areas of focus to choose from, with which you can specialize in certain areas. Accordingly, you can adapt your studies to suit your interests - you should check in advance which university offers which areas of focus. Because maybe that is decisive for your choice of university.

  • mathematics
  • Algorithms
  • Database systems
  • Programming languages
  • Computer architecture
  • Games engineering
  • IT management and consulting
  • Systems engineering
  • Information security
  • Programmable digital systems


  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur)or
  • Subject-related university or advanced technical college entrance qualification (technical diploma) or
  • a comparable school leaving certificate or
  • a certain professional qualification
  • Possibly course-specific vocational training or practical work would be an advantage
  • possibly aptitude test
  • possibly up-to-date notebook


  • logical and analytical thinking
  • Interest in complex issues
  • Interest in technology and IT topics
  • Motivation and Discipline

Bachelor programs in software engineering are often admission-free, that is, there is no NC, instead every applicant is accepted. This is of course positive if your section has not turned out so well.

Software engineering is also offered by many private universities that do not use an NC anyway, but use their own selection process to select applicants.

NC examples for software engineering

We have selected some NC examples from the last semesters for software engineering for you, so you can get a quick overview:


Course of study



Waiting semester

Heilbronn University

Software engineering

Winter semester 2020/21



TH Cologne

Technical computer Science

Winter semester 2020/2021



Ulm University

Software engineering

Winter semester 2020/2021



The application for a bachelor's degree in software engineering can proceed very differently: If the course has no admission, you can register immediately by submitting your documents.

If it is restricted by an NC, you submit your documents and you can actually only wait to see what the selection limits are and whether you are within the limit and thus receive a notification of admission or whether you have been rejected. In addition, it is possible that the universities not only go after the Abitur, but also include other factors in their selection process, such as suitable professional experience, etc.

It can also happen that you have to register via the central Hochschulstart portal and not directly at the university. You can get more detailed information on the university's website and from the respective student advisory service.

Private universities usually also have an internal selection process, the criteria of which they can define themselves. But usually the step there is also the submission of the required documents before you are informed about how to proceed.


State universities:

Summer semester: until January 15th
Winter semester: until July 15th

Private universities:

Private universities often set their deadlines individually so that the deadline can vary - sometimes application deadlines are extended again at the end.

Due to the advancing digitization, you have the best prospects of finding a job after you graduate from university - regardless of whether you are a Bachelor or Master. Because IT specialists are in demand and that in almost every industry. Regardless of whether it is an international company or a medium-sized company, the need for qualified specialists in the field of information technology is very great and is unlikely to decrease in the next few years. With your software engineering degree, you are well prepared for various IT tasks: front-end, back-end and app developments, but also quality and project management are part of your skills.

Possible jobs and employers

  • IT developer
  • Quality management
  • Software houses
  • Hardware manufacturer
  • IT consulting company

Making generally valid statements about salary is always a difficult matter, because too many factors play a role in the remuneration after your studies: Industry, company size, location, department, position, degree, any professional experience, etc. - and of course yours too personal negotiation skills.

Especially in the IT area, the payment is really dependent on the industry of your company and your ultimate position. On the whole, however, you can expect a starting salary of 2,500-3,000 euros. The higher your degree and the more (professional) experience you have, the higher your salary can of course be.

Salary examples for software engineering

To give you a better idea, we have selected a few exemplary information on the salary:



Age & Gender

Salary (gross)


Advertising and PR

29, male

2,550 euros

IT security

Wholesale, construction and furnishing

34, male

3,102 euros

IT security


36, male

4,089 euros



30, male

4,044 euros



27, male

3,171 euros


Business consulting

28, male

4,338 euros


But remember: These numbers are only exemplary! Use it as a guide for your own salary negotiation, but don't insist on a certain minimum amount. Because as already written above: A lot of factors play a role in your salary.

Master in Software Engineering

Duration: 3-4 semesters


  • Full time
  • Extra-occupational face-to-face study

Graduation: depending on the university and focus

  • Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.)


  • some English-language offers



  • Completed bachelor's degree in a related field
  • possibly work experience
  • Possibly a certificate for a certain level of English (e.g. level B2)
  • Possibly. Qualifying Examination


  • Technical interest
  • Logical and abstract thinking skills
  • Enjoy deciphering complex issues

The range of master's programs in software engineering is quite large for such a relatively small subject, so you can choose the one that's right for you.

As you can see from the two possible degrees Master of Engineering and Master of Science, depending on the university, a different focus can be placed in the software engineering degree - sometimes more on the technical side, sometimes more on the IT and development side.

So think in advance in which direction you would like to specialize so that you can find the right job for you later. There are also many English-language master’s courses.

Evening and distance learning as an alternative

Are you already in the middle of your professional life but would like to continue your education alongside your job with a degree in software engineering? Then there are various options for completing software engineering in evening or distance learning. You can find all the important information on our partner portal