What is a shot blasting machine

Blasting technology and blasting systems from SIGG Strahltechnik for perfect deburring or roughening of surfaces on metals and other materials.

Blasting technology and suitable blasting media for the best possible results.

With our blasting technology, metallic or other surfaces are roughened, refined and leveled. Depending on the blasting system, blasting technology is also used for descaling, matting, deburring, satin finishing, lapping and cleaning of workpieces. For its customers, SIGG Strahltechnik is the competent contact for blasting systems, surface finish vibrators, dust separators and blasting media.

Increase the profitability of your blasting technology: blasting media from airy, liquid to solid

Depending on the application and the abrasive, compressed air or liquids can be used as media. Compressed air is called dry blasting, and liquids are called wet or sludge blasting. In addition, a distinction is made between systems based on the injector and pressure jet principle. For powerful blasting that will Injector jet principle used. The blasting agent is located in a collecting funnel, which is sucked in by the injector air of the gun and accelerated with compressed air in the gun body.

Chamber for abrasives

In systems according to Pressure jet principle stores the abrasive in a pressure vessel. The chamber for setting the blasting media / compressed air mixture is located at the bottom of the boiler funnel. The compressed air conveys the abrasive to the gun nozzle.

With the Wet blasting process particularly fine surfaces can be achieved, which are particularly desirable for watches, jewelry and medical technology. Blasting media and water are stirred up in a container and sprayed onto the workpiece by the gun using the injector effect. If a higher pressure or a larger volume flow is required, the blasting machine is equipped with a sludge feed pump.

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The right blasting machine

Systems pressure jet principle


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Blasting technology is a mechanical process for surface treatment. Depending on the blasting material, blasting process and blasting medium, different effects can be achieved. In principle, in blasting technology, small particles are accelerated in air or liquid and shot as a jet onto the surface of a workpiece. The structure of the surface is changed as required by the action of the particles.

Sandblasting is an outdated term for blasting technology, but is still often used colloquially. In the past, quartz sand was actually used in blasting systems and gave the process its name. Today, quartz sand is no longer used because of the health risks posed by fine dust. Instead, there are numerous modern abrasives that are optimally matched to the intended use.

With blasting technology, surfaces can be changed as desired. The most important uses are:
• Surface cleaning
• Roughening
• Matting
• Descaling
• Deburring
• Smoothing

Blasting technology directs a blasting medium at high speed onto a surface. This either removes material or solidifies the surface. There are basically three methods of blasting technology: A distinction is made between pressure blasting, injector blasting and wet blasting. Process and blasting medium are matched to the material of the workpiece and the desired surface effect.