Where can I buy montesserie school furniture

School furniture & school equipment

Children spend a large part of their time in school and with homework. A correct learning environment is important here. Noise and room acoustics have a direct impact on learning and teaching. Our school furniture can be used to create a good learning environment in the classroom. This also helps children learn with more fun and joy and better follow lessons.

School furniture for ergonomic learning in school

The physical well-being of students and teachers contributes to a positive working atmosphere. Ergonomic learning and working is promoted by suitable school equipment. We also offer the right furniture, such as Chairs, school cabinets and shelves. Our furniture is usually delivered fully assembled, should this not be possible in certain cases, instructions are included with the furniture. Safety and quality are our top priorities. Because it doesn't matter if you practical school furniture, Blackboards or blackboard accessories, you can buy school equipment from us at low prices. Furniture that can be used individually is becoming more and more popular due to the trend towards all-day schools Multiple use of school rooms more and more in demand. With the right school furniture, afternoon care and school lessons can be flexibly divided into one room. In the course of digitization and imparting media skills, more and more students are working in the Lessons on the computer, the same requirements should be made here as for a workplace in the office. This specifically means ergonomic work that strengthens the back of the children and does not overwhelm the muscles.

Design of the classrooms with the appropriate school furniture

Schools and teaching are subject to constant development. The conversion of schools into all-day schools is increasing. A few decades ago, frontal teaching was predominantly widespread. Today there are more common lessons, open lessons and, in the course of digitization, also digitally conveyed lessons. It also depends on the underlying pedagogical concepts which form is preferred. Depending on which subject or subjects are to be taught in the corresponding room, the classrooms can be assigned as follows:

  • After a class
    This can be found in many Montessori schools. At the start of the school year, the class designs its room.

  • According to the teachers
    The teacher design the room according to his aspects.

  • According to the subjects
    The rooms are assigned to the subjects. For example chemistry room, art room, etc.

Create an optimal learning environment with the right school equipment

If students feel comfortable in the classroom, this automatically increases the children's willingness to perform. This is an important point when choosing the right school furniture, because it contributes significantly to the interior design. This has psychophysiological effects on students and teachers. Wood paneling, for example, has stress-reducing effects.

  • light
    Lots of light, preferably daylight, has a positive effect on health and well-being.

  • Correct posture / ergonomics
    Ergonomically shaped school furniture for a healthy back

  • Fresh air
    Regular ventilation to optimally supply the brain with sufficient oxygen. Thus concentration is maintained.

  • Acoustics
    Poor room acoustics and noise make learning difficult.

  • Structure / order and overview
    School furniture offers a clear structure. All the materials you need have a fixed place in cupboards so that everything can be pulled out without a long search.

  • Room temperature
    21 to 22 ° C are optimal.

Our shelves can be used for any room. They are clearly laid out. Whiteboards and blackboards have long been part of the classroom. Our products have different sizes. Partition walls can be used for various purposes. You can can also be equipped with castors, making them easier to transport. They can also serve as a presentation for, for example, student projects.

Various materials are used creatively and creatively in art spaces. There is often little space to dry the works. That is why our school furniture also includes drying trolleys, which are available in different designs and sizes, and other products that make art lessons easier.

Music stands or guitar stands, which complement your music lessons very well, can be found under the heading Music room.

Supplementary material for teaching

Have a look in our shop under the heading Teacher Material and Teacher Requirements. There you will find teaching aids, writing aids and magnets as well as other products Can be complemented very well in combination with our school furniture and thus you get good and comprehensive school equipment.