Are people getting paid to use Instagram?

How can I make money with Instagram?

How do I create the perfect profile?

If you want to earn money with Instagram and run it commercially, you need a perfect profile. This starts with a memorable user name that is not only easy to pronounce, but also has a high recognition value and allows conclusions to be drawn about the topic of the profile. This username should subsequently also be used consistently in all other social media, such as Twitter or Facebook. You can also find more information about your account in the so-called Bio from Instagram. This is also a good place to post links to other used channels or the own blog to post.

As usual in social media, Instagram is also about gaining sympathy in order to expand one's own community and increase click rates. This can be achieved by cooperating with other users who are working on the same topic. The Like and Leave a Comment of pictures in other profiles is just as essential as responding to comments in your own profile. More and more often Instagram is using so-called Shootouts , i.e. the promotion of third-party accounts in your own portfolio.

In addition, the account must be kept up-to-date and new pictures must fit into the profile. In order to keep the interest of the subscribers high, it is advisable to publish at least 4 to 10 new pictures per week.


In order to establish your own brand, you need high-quality content and beautiful images that fit the chosen topic and create recognition value. This is the only way to increase your own range. Also the correct use of Hashtags (#) is important. Up to 30 different hashtags can be set per image and users who want to use Instagram commercially are well advised to take advantage of this number.

Purchased subscribers

Some companies not only offer their customers the opportunity to buy followers, but also tools that automatically like and comment on images. This option is explicitly discouraged at this point. If Instagram notices the fraud, the account is blocked and the work and time invested were in vain.