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Apple Watch

The technology of the Apple Watch

Unfortunately, we can only say something about the technology of the Apple Watch, because the company does not publish all the data on the device. The reason for this is Apple's sales concept: the products should convince as a whole and not through individual technical details. However, some information is known.

All three versions of the Apple Watch - Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition - have sensors to determine the position and acceleration of the device and to measure the user's heart rate. In addition, the Apple Watch can measure the brightness of the ambient light. These sensors are primarily intended to provide data for various fitness applications that are available for the smartwatch.

In addition, thanks to the iOS-based operating system watchOS, various other apps are available, for example Instagram or Citymapper. Compared to the regular operating system, however, the selection is still somewhat limited and is primarily geared towards the fitness apps mentioned above.

In addition to the sensors, the Apple Watch has 8 GB of internal memory, which can be used for pictures and music, among other things. The watch is operated via a pressure-sensitive touchpad and a digital crown. There is also a microphone for voice commands. The Apple Watch establishes wireless connections via WLAN or Bluetooth 4.0.

The Apple Watch in comparison

Apple's biggest competitor in the smartwatch sector is - albeit far behind - the South Korean electronics giant Samsung. With the Samsung Gear 2, the manufacturer from the Far East brought a comparable smartwatch onto the market around a year before Apple. Technically, the watch is about the same as the Apple Watch - as far as can be said from the lack of data from Apple. However, some details are more elegantly solved in the Apple Watch, such as the display, which darkens automatically in the Apple Watch in bright ambient light. Ultimately, every buyer has to decide for himself whether these subtleties justify the significantly higher price of the Apple Watch.