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  • What is Network Marketing Really?
  • How do I differentiate between network marketing, multilevel marketing, structured sales, pyramid systems, pyramid schemes, etc. And which MLM systems are serious?
  • The MLM check is available here. With the help of a checklist, you can quickly find out more about a company that uses network marketing.
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    With the open business directory (follows) you can search specifically for companies, find your contact person, request information and have it evaluated objectively here.
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What is Network Marketing?
Why is network marketing so incredibly successful?

A lot in network marketing depends on which perspective you look at it from:
There are business partners who do not have much experience with MLM, but who quickly learned the rules of the game. You are hardworking and make endless efforts and build a +10,000 man strong downline within 8 months.

Such a hard-working guy is, for example, the 27-year-old Calvin Becerra, who now earns at least € 3.5 million a year and is Royal Black Diamond at MonaVie! Cool guy I have to say. I got to know him at a meeting in Berlin :-D

What is Network Marketing? Different perspectives:

If you ask him this question, you will likely hear the following: "It is the greatest opportunity in human history that the average person can quickly become financially independent without investing a lot of capital".

Ok if I deserve the same I wouldn't think otherwise. But if you talk to someone who is lazy and never really goes to extremes - you will hear this from them:
"That does not work. The only people who make money from it got in very early. "

Who's right now? Nobody. Because the explanations of the two types only reflect their point of view - no objective assessment!

What is the business from an objective point of view?

Okay, let's first look at what Wikipedia says about this:

“Network marketing is a special form of direct sales. The main feature is that a company sells products to end customers through independent sales partners as intermediaries. "

So. Let me break that down to understandable German so that it makes more sense, okay?

You understand that if you work for someone else, you will never get rich. You also know that having a fantastic lifestyle is associated with building a real, successful business. This path brings many challenges and money will only make itself felt in the long term!

So what exactly is this business if, according to Wikipedia, you are an independent sales partner of an MLM company?
Network marketing is often referred to as recommendation marketing. Read on here:
Facts, questions, and answers about referral marketing

This portal is THE information pool for networkers on the Internet

It is aimed at everyone who would like to learn from me or get information and / or are looking for the right partner company.

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