What do women get from cuckolding

«Cuckolding»: «It turns me on when my wife is spoiled by someone else»


“Cuckolding”, a sex trend in which men watch a lover make their own partner happy, is currently conquering bedrooms in Germany and the USA. It is also an issue in Switzerland. Three readers tell of their experiences here.

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What is considered cheating for most people really turns on others: «Cuckolding». In this sex trend, the man watches as a third person makes his partner happy. But in comparison to the threesome, the boyfriend doesn't participate. Instead of getting angry or jealous, some men feel extremely excited. According to the German media, the trend should long ago have arrived in the bedrooms in our neighboring country.

The term "cuckolding" originally comes from the BDSM scene and is considered a form of femdom, i.e. female dominance. Translated, the word means something like the old German term cuckold, i.e. a man who is humiliated by cheating on his partner. In «cuckolding», jealousy is used specifically to bring feelings such as power, control and trust towards the partner. The aim is to maximize arousal. In addition, the bond with the partner is much stronger on an emotional level than with the lover. “Cuckolding” is not the same as an open relationship: Although the boundaries cannot be defined correctly, the goal is to arouse the partner. That's why you shouldn't secretly meet someone else.

A 20-minute survey, in which around 13,000 people took part, also shows: "Cuckolding" is also an issue in Switzerland. 12 percent said that they had already tried “cuckolding” at least. Another 18 percent would like to try the sex trend. The category has been trending at Pornhub for some time: in the period from 2013 to 2016 alone, the popularity of “cuckolding” rose by 57 percent. As Pornhub recorded in statistics from 2016, around 1.75 million people worldwide search for variations of “Cuckold”, “Cuck” or “Cucked” every month - and the trend is rising.

Several 20-minute readers also have experience with cuckolding. Two readers and one reader tell the story.

"Some of the men are now my friends"

Reader R. * (45): «My wife (42) and I started swinging around six years ago. Since we've been together for over 20 years and have three children, we wanted to bring some variety to our love life. It all started with porn on the internet. We were most attracted to films in which a woman is satisfied by different men. My wife enjoyed the films so much that one day I asked her if she would like to sleep with other men too. A short time later we went to a swingers club in Switzerland. The first time was both embarrassing and interesting for us.

On the same evening we met a man in the club with whom we wanted to try it out on site. It was a bit weird at first as we had no experience with threesomes. But the man was very nice and slowly introduced us to everything. During the act in bed with my wife, I first noticed how it turns me on when I see my wife being pampered by another man. Seeing their excitement turned me on too, and while I watched them both, I satisfied myself. Since that day cuckolding has been a regular part of our relationship. We go to a club once or twice a month on average and have sex at home about three times a week.

For about two years my wife and I have been registered on a platform where we get to know partners for our meetings. I've made real friends with some men and we keep seeing them. It always depends on the person and whether we are comfortable with them. The most important thing about "cuckolding" is trust! You can't just have sex with someone else without feeling jealous. Fortunately, the relationship between my wife and me is strong enough and we can talk openly about our experiences. "

"Suddenly her husband burst into the sex date"

Reader N. * (35) also had experience with "cuckolding" - as a lover of a woman in love. “My first time cuckolding came as a surprise. I had actually arranged to meet a woman online for a classic sex date at her home. Before that, we had written and exchanged photos for a while. When the time finally came, we chatted and drank wine. Suddenly the door opened and her husband came over to it! At first I really thought he was going to beat me up. But then they explained their plan to me: Since her husband can no longer get an erection, the two arrange such dates for her. It is better for him than if his wife went home to meet strange men. He also likes to watch.

For me it was the first time that I was seen having sex. But since she is a very attractive Brazilian and I had seen «cuckolding» porn before, I immediately agreed. I went to see the couple several more times and all meetings were the same: we had a sip of wine, went into the bedroom and started. Her husband always watched from the chair.

In my own partnership, I wouldn't want to test something like that. I am, let's say, normally jealous, and therefore it would not be for me. "

"I like to make my partner jealous"

Reader V. * has never tried the sex trend, but would not be averse to it: “As a woman, I turn on the idea that another, well-hung man is worried me. And all while my partner can only watch. I like to take power and make my partner jealous. "

As sex scientist Andrea Burri says, “cuckolding” is particularly popular with homosexual men. «This type of sex is possible in all constellations. There are also women who watch their boyfriends or girlfriends doing it. There are hardly any studies with reliable figures on the subject, but it seems to be relatively widespread, ”says Burri.

According to the sexologist, the fetish can mainly be explained by various factors such as submission, humiliation or jealousy. According to Burri, the latter can be very intense, motivating and exciting, and so on Sperm competition and thus lead to a powerful orgasm.