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Worldwide slump in the number of visitors to news portals!

Every day you can read about the high user growth rates in the various social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Co. and about the increase in people with access to the Internet. At the same time, if you can believe Google Trends, uniform trends can be identified that show a decrease in the number of visitors to various and different portal and media websites.

Swiss daily newspapers

If you take a look at the number of visitors (Daily Unique Visitors) of blick.ch, tagesanzeiger.ch, 20min.ch and nzz.ch, with the exception of tagesanzeiger.ch, one can speak of a decreasing trend.

German daily newspapers

When looking at the number of visitors to the daily newspapers of our neighbors in Germany, the trend is roughly the same: stagnating or decreasing. The comparison was made between bild.de, suedeutsche.de, faz.net and welt.de.

German news magazines

The trend is no different for the websites of the German news magazines. The statistics show the course of the last 3 years for focus.de, spiegel.de and stern.de

USA daily newspapers

When looking at the USA, the numbers are also similar; the number of visitors is stagnant or more or less constant. The websites of the top 5 daily newspapers in the USA usatoday.com, wsj.com, nytimes.com, latimes.com and washingtonpost.com were compared.

3 year statistics

12 month statistics

UK daily newspapers

As was to be expected, the statistics in England show the same picture. A comparison was made between thesun.co.uk, guardian.co.uk, morningstaronline.co.uk and timesonline.co.uk.

3 year statistics

12 month statistics


A decline can also be seen at cnn.com.

Portal websites with a similar decline

The negative trend shown on various news portals can also be seen on various portal websites outside the media world. Some examples from different industries:

Online auction houses in Switzerland

International sites

Worldwide internet usage is increasing, at the same time the usage of media and portal websites is stagnating.
What are the reasons?

  • Is the marked increase in the number of visitors to social networks (e.g. Facebook) to blame for the decrease in the number of visitors to conventional websites and news portals?
  • To what extent does the global economic crisis have a negative impact on the use of media and portal websites?
  • What are plausible reasons for the decrease in visitor numbers?
  • Is there already an oversaturation of internet services and portals on the market?

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