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Prostate Therapy Clinic

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It's holiday season! The team at the Clinic for Prostate Therapy is also there for you during the Whitsun holidays. We wish you a good recovery and a happy Pentecost even in difficult times!

+ New high-performance air purifier in the waiting area provides effective protection against viruses
+ Inpatients are happy to receive a single room on request.
+ In-house corona tests give you security within a few hours.
+ We help relatives to find accommodation.
+ There is currently no ban on accommodation for accompanying relatives in Heidelberg.

Welcome to the website of our special clinic for gentle prostate treatment

Prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, prostatitis, elevated PSA levels - almost every second man over 50 has prostate problems. In our special clinic for prostate therapy, we have specialized in gentle, individual and effective prostate diagnostics and gentle prostate therapy.

Our concept

Our goal is to turn those affected into participants. We take the time to work with you to create an individual and plausible diagnosis and therapy concept.

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The doctors

As part of our many years of clinical experience, we have become familiar with many possibilities for diagnosing and treating prostate diseases. In the Clinic for Prostate Therapy, we provide you with what we believe to be the gentlest and best concepts for individual treatment.

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The clinic

Our clinic, founded in 1994, has established itself as the leading specialist clinic for gentle prostate diagnostics and prostate therapy in Germany.

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