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BILD AM SONNTAG (BamS) is the Sunday newspaper with the highest circulation in Germany. Also as an ePaper, it offers an informative overview of the whole week with all the important news and topics from the fields of business, politics, shows, sports and celebrities. News from Germany and the world are presented in a clear, informative and entertaining way.

Everything important in BILD AM SONNTAG

BILD AM SONNTAG has been published by Axel Springer Verlag since 1956. In the beginning it was called "Abendblatt am Sonntag". From the Berlinale to the Bundesliga, from the Bundestag to the stock exchange - the editorial team in Berlin reports on the topics that people talk about in Germany and Germany talks about the topics that BILD AM SONNTAG reports on. With the "Sunday Question" there is a weekly focus topic, but the BamS also gives answers to everyday questions and thus focuses on topics to which almost everyone has a personal connection.

With BILD AM SONNTAG you get a family-friendly Sunday newspaper that sees itself as a critical observer of politics, on-site sports reporter, professional advisor for all areas of life and confidante of stars and starlets. The motto of the daily newspaper "BILD dir Your Opinion" naturally also applies on Sunday, whereby the service aspect is even more important in the Sunday newspaper than in the midweek editions. BILD AM SONNTAG contains an extensive TV program with TV tips from the editorial team and always provides all the information about the current crime scene.

Read BILD AM SONNTAG as an ePaper

BILD AM Sonntag is not only available in print, but can also be read as an ePaper. Whether as a single issue or by subscription, the BamS ePaper can be conveniently read on the computer screen or on the go on the smartphone or tablet.