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Those interested in studying medicine naturally want their education to be as good as possible, regardless of any parallelism between the possible universities. It is the entrance ticket to high-quality further training to become a specialist after completing medical studies. It is actually irrelevant whether the medical degree takes place abroad or in Germany.

The desire to inquire about the best university to study medicine in advance is therefore not only legitimate, but even desirable. In this context, it is often not that easy to find the best university to study medicine. This is where different rankings, personal factors and sometimes simply great alternatives come into play, which must not be ignored.

On this page, we not only want to help you to find the best university for studying medicine, but we also want to show you which alternatives may be available if your first choice is not easily possible.

Different rankings and the question of the best university for studying medicine

If someone asks you what the best university to study medicine is, you might say that the best university to study medicine is in your city. You don't have to take long journeys, you know your friends in advance and you can continue to pursue your hobbies without detours.

However, the numerus clausus or the lack of waiting time may block your access to a medical degree in your area, so that you have to look for alternatives.

Then you can stick to the rankings of the respective universities in the classic way. The universities as such or even just the medical faculties are rated according to different focuses in order to give you an overview of the quality of the education. For example, the number of available study places, the ratio of professors to students or the number of publications are of interest.

Alternatively, you can use personal factors for the evaluation. You can ask yourself how far away the university can be from your home town in order to be a good or even the best university for you to study medicine. It can be wise to differentiate between the actual distance and the actual travel time. You can also ask yourself, for example, whether you would like to study medicine in a large or a smaller city.

The best universities for studying medicine for you personally

Once you've picked out the best university for you to study medicine and possibly a few alternatives as Plan B, it's time to carefully review the admission requirements.

Here you have to answer the question of whether you can be admitted to medical studies based on your high school diploma or your waiting time or whether you decide to study medicine at a university abroad that allows you to take an entrance test so that you can start the next winter semester at the for At the best university you can start studying medicine.

Studying medicine abroad :medizin-in-europa.de provides you with places at first-class universities for studying medicine as the basis for your career

If you decide against waiting time and against a rigid numerus clausus, you are at the right place at medizin-in-europa.de. We offer you the opportunity to study at a first-class university in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland. Regardless of whether you decide to study medicine in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, you can find the best university for your medical studies in both countries. In any case, you can start your medical studies there with our preparation for the next winter semester and make your dream of studying medicine come true.

The following universities or faculties are possible and each offer you their own advantages:

A medical degree in Prague
With three medical faculties in the Czech capital, Prague, you can study both dentistry and human medicine and enjoy all the advantages of the big city.

Studied medicine in Pilsen
In the Czech city of Pilsen you will find a faculty of Charles University not far from the German border, so that you can benefit from the qualitatively recognized education not far from your home.

Studying medicine in Königgrätz (Hradec Kralove)
You can start your medical studies in Königgrätz (Hradec Kralove) just under an hour's drive from the capital Prague. You will undoubtedly benefit from the cooperation with the Mayo clinics in the USA.

Studying medicine in Brno
Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, offers you state-of-the-art facilities at the Bohunice campus as well as convenient transport links through the airport.

Studying medicine in Olomouc
Studying at the Palacky University in Olomouc, the second oldest university in the Czech Republic, gives you the opportunity to receive a solid medical education while living in a city that has long been an insider tip among tourists.

A medical degree in Bratislava
In the capital of Slovakia, you can study human medicine or dentistry at the Comenius University in close proximity to Austria and benefit from previously known test questions and answers.

A medical degree in Martin
Martin in Slovakia is a small town at first glance, but at second glance it offers internationally recognized and award-winning medical training in a unique landscape.

Studying medicine in Košice
When studying medicine in Košice, you are much closer to home than you might know thanks to flight connections. Questions and answers known in advance in the entrance test also simplify your admission.

Studying medicine in Szczecin
The Polish city of Szczecin enables you to study dentistry or human medicine without an entrance test and, in return, offers you close cooperation with Germany in the clinical study phases.

Note: Euro amounts marked with * are based on conversions from local currencies and are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The conversions shown are based on the exchange rate on May 23, 2021, 1 euro corresponds to 25.45 Czech crowns.