NIT offers pure science courses

Bachelor of Physics

In the bachelor's degree you will be familiarized with the basics of physics / astronomy, mathematics and, if necessary, other courses. The bachelor’s degree alone does not enable students to work independently, but rather provides the basis for a master’s degree at the University of Bern.

General description

Physics is the fundamental natural science par excellence; all systems of nature obey their laws. Physics creates terms to describe these laws, searches for methods with the help of which the truthfulness of knowledge can be checked, and uses this knowledge to discover the unknown.

Research topics

Current research topics are particle physics, atomic and molecular physics, condensed matter, astrophysics and cosmology and, increasingly, interdisciplinary topics such as biophysics or climate physics. Many of these topics are prominently represented at the University of Bern and offer our students the opportunity to participate in exciting research using the most modern means.

In addition to pure basic research, the physicists also face the challenges of today, such as dwindling energy resources, threatening climate changes or problems in the health care system. Physics thus becomes part of a cultural process which strives for knowledge and which puts this at the service of society. Young physicists thus have the opportunity and the responsibility to play a decisive role in shaping the future of their society.

Areas of activity

Physicists work in a wide range of professions. The areas of work range from basic research and industrial research to the development and production of equipment and complex systems. Physicists work in technical sales, technical and administrative planning, assume entrepreneurial responsibility and find themselves in the management of companies. In addition, many take up teaching positions in various schools, and some begin university careers. The physicist's always broad professional field is constantly changing and expanding due to the many new developments in science and technology.

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