What do you drink all day

Do you know that? Half the day is over and you suddenly realize that you haven't had a sip today. You know how damn unhealthy this is, but it's so difficult to keep thinking about it when you just don't get thirsty.

If you don't know that and can drink water like a hole: Know about your superiority and read something else on my blog. Here you will find another exciting article on the topic of saving water! You can do a lot with egg water.

Water is vital. If you drink enough of it (enough doesn't mean “as much as possible”), your cells regenerate better and faster, the skin looks fresher and healthier and even your metabolism works better.

Dry winter

In winter the air is not only drier but also colder. This has an unpleasant side effect that you think too little about: you are less likely to feel thirsty. In summer, the heat and increased sweating make the feeling come on much faster - we drink more.

In fact, when I'm not exercising, I keep forgetting to drink water. My common sense, which I like to rely on, tells me that this is not healthy.

Hot summer

The opposite happens in summer. It's damn hot and you actually sweat a little all day long. The loss of fluid is very high, even if you sometimes go unnoticed. The skin also needs appropriate care.

Don't give too much to rules of thumb

At least 2 liters a day? Or even 3? I'm never sure what to make of this. We should just learn to listen to our bodies again. I think this is a skill that most of us no longer have mastered. Knowing what your body needs right now makes a lot of things easier. And I am not playing a moral apostle here - especially when it comes to hunger or thirst, I let my body down too often. Nevertheless, they seem to have agreed on a value between 1.5 and 2 liters per day, which is considered healthy and which you can easily adhere to.

ATTENTION: In summer, right now, this can easily be double, and with high exertion it can easily be 3 times! So you may need 5-6 liters. Just drink as long as you are comfortable with it. Exaggerating doesn't help anyone here either.

So you always have enough water to drink - TIPS

Here I share my best tips and tricks with you:

1. Make it tasty for you! Yes, really easy. Drink tea if you like water that tastes better. I have been drinking tea myself for years and it is a wonderful, calming tradition that you can indulge in meditatively for hours. If I drink 2 jugs to read or write in the afternoon, I've already managed almost 2 liters. Of course, every tea goes for this - get your favorite!
In addition to tea, you can also just cut a lemon or a cucumber into the water. Be creative, make your water tasty!

2. Switch reminders. There are many apps for this, of which I can particularly recommend two (definitely for iOS, I haven't checked it for Android | can be found in the App Store):

  • Hydro - my favorite, with a clear, simple overview, reminder function and very individual adjustment options
  • Plant Nanny - if you want it more playful, this app is the one for you. You need to take care of plants that will only survive if you water them regularly. You will of course also be reminded of this, and then take a sip yourself. But because of the design and the many in-app purchase options, I find it a little more unsympathetic than Hydro.

3. Ensure availability ... at home!That is really the most important point. I was absolutely thrilled by my discovery that once provided, water is so encouraging to refill and drink when you see it. So when I work at home I always put a full pitcher of water on the table - every time I look at it, I remember to drink and pour myself a glass. This trick works incredibly well, as a couple of people have confirmed to me.
I know it would be just as easy to fill the jar under the tap, but that rarely works, I never think of that. Just give it a try!

4.… and on the go!A habit you probably already have: always take a bottle with you in your pocket, no matter where you go. I usually have a glass bottle from a bought smoothie or tea, which, depending on the trip, I often take empty with me and only fill it up at university for the course. If you travel longer by train, fill the bottle with water at home! Also good with lemon or something similar. Constant availability is your best friend in the fight against dehydration.

Drink enough water

I hope these tips are helpful to you in some way. Number 3 in particular has really helped me because I work a lot at home and often forget to eat something. The jug on the table makes this a lot easier. Have fun trying!