Why do people live in San Bernardino

In the Californian city of San Bernardino, strangers wreaked havoc on Wednesday in which 14 people were killed, the city's chief of police, Jarrod Burguan, announced. 14 injured people were also taken to hospitals. The perpetrators were probably three and were able to escape in an off-road vehicle, and the FBI was involved in the search. The background to the act was unclear. An FBI official said he could not say at the moment whether it was a terrorist act. US President Barack Obama was informed about the events, such as the White House announced. According to the police chief of the city with 200,000 inhabitants, the emergency call was received at eleven o'clock local time. Special forces were immediately dispatched to the "Inland Regional Center" building complex, which houses a social facility for the disabled. The police broke into the building immediately, but it would have taken some time to search the complex, where 700 people work. A bomb squad also checked the complex. According to media reports, the heavily armed perpetrators opened the fire in a conference room where a Christmas party was being held by employees of the San Bernardino district. After the massacre, publicly accessible buildings in the area were cordoned off. San Bernardino, which is just 100 kilometers from Los Angeles, has one of the highest crime rates in California.

CNN showed pictures showing desperate people. Auxiliary workers also looked after the injured in front of the building. Several helicopters circled over the scene, the police raised a large contingent, including armored vehicles.

President Obama told the broadcaster CBS after the bloody act: "We are seeing a series of mass shootings in this country that cannot be found anywhere else in the world." There are lists of people who are banned from flying because they are considered dangerous. "But the same people we don't let on a plane can go to a store right now, buy a gun, and there's nothing we can do to stop them," said the president. "This law needs to be changed . "

Deadly shootings occur time and again in the United States. As recently as Friday last week, a man opened fire in an abortion clinic in the US state of Colorado, killing three people and injuring nine others. The man had holed up for hours and at times took up to two dozen people hostage.

California has comparatively strict gun laws - the manufacture, purchase and sale of large magazines such as automatic guns is already banned.