When and how do you wear moccasins

Translation of "moccasin" in Italian

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They say she has no hole in hers Moccasin.

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The squaw needs a new pair Moccasins.
Alla donna servono un nuovo paio di mocassini.
If you have the Moccasins have chewed the other soft, there is trouble.
E se quella mastica i mocassini di un altro per ammorbidire la pelle, apriti cielo.
Put that away, slip into yours Moccasins and come
Let's just move into the woods and pose Moccasins here.
Otherwise I wear Moccasinsso that you don't always have to lace up your shoes.
Io di solito porto i mocassini per non perdere tempo con i lacci.
This single Apache warrior comes from the desert, unarmed, dressed in a cotton shirt, loincloth and Moccasins.
Spunta fuori dal deserto questo coraggioso apache. Disarmato. Indossa una maglietta di cotone, un gonnellino e mocassini.
If someone gives you a couple Moccasins would buy, what size would they have to be?
Are we the same boys who with stuff and trinkets, with Moccasins, Blankets and paintings and strange clothes, came under this hospitable roof six months ago after a long journey on October sixth?
Siamo gli stessi ragazzi che, con ciondoli e giocattoli, mocassini, coperte, pitture e un abito molto singolare, il sei di ottobre, dopo un lungo viaggio, siamo arrivati ​​sotto questo tetto amichevole sei mesi fa?
Can she now die Moccasins to have?
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