What do the Japanese eat to stay healthy?

Why are the Japanese so slim?

Anyone who has already been to Japan has surely noticed something there. There are almost only slim people around you. There are also countless sweets, chocolates, ready meals and soft drinks of all kinds. From the outside, everything is like ours. So there must be some secret as to why the Japanese are slimmer than us. I think we found it 😊

Japan - the healthiest people in the world

Why do we deal explicitly with Japan? Quite simply, of all industrialized nations, the population there is least affected by obesity. The thickest country is the USA. Almost 40 percent of all people there are overweight. It looks a little better here in Germany, but definitely not good. After all, every fourth German carries too many kilos with them, which brings us 10th place in the international fat ranking.

The last place goes to Japan. Not even 4 percent is their overweight rate. Most Japanese people stay slim and healthy all their lives. They are the healthiest people with the longest life expectancy in the world. They owe this not least to their diet. So we took a look at a typical food day in Japan.

Special features of Japanese cuisine

When you step into a traditional Japanese kitchen and watch the food being prepared, one thing is immediately noticeable: everything is freshly prepared. Countless foods are used. The Japanese breakfast alone probably counts more ingredients than all classic German meals spread over the day.

There is also almost no white flour. Bread or pasta is relatively seldom eaten. This happens a maximum of once a day. In return, the Japanese cuisine is peppered with lots of vegetables, fish and algae.

The taste of the ingredients plays a much more important role. There is hardly any help with oil, sugar or salt. Vegetables are not boiled, but usually only gently steamed, so the valuable vitamins are retained.

That's why the Japanese are so slim

If you can draw conclusions from the typical Japanese dishes, then the following. Anyone who eats as many different individual foods at one meal as Germans do all day will get all the necessary nutrients and satisfy all flavors. This is very effective in avoiding food cravings. The more colors there are in the food, the healthier the food is.

Careful preparation with a strong focus on vegetables provides the body with all the important nutrients, but has hardly any calories. If you also consider that the Japanese language has over 400 words for “chewing” and “swallowing”, it becomes clear what significance enjoyable food has in the land of the rising sun. If you take your time while eating, you will notice when you are full and will not overeat.

Everything is actually logical, isn't it? We could live just as healthy and slim as the people in Japan, we just have to think back to freshness, home-made food and enjoyment. Food is important and takes time - both the preparation and the food itself. That's the secret!