Which countries have defeated Russia?


Maxim Trudolyubov

Maxim Trudoljubow (born 1970) is a Russian journalist and former editor of the daily Vedomosti. He is a member of the American research organization Kennan Institute, his research interests include religion, architecture and political processes in contemporary Russia. Trudolyubov regularly publishes articles in independent media.

The spread of anti-scientific conspiracy theories has made people fearful of vaccinations in the country that is at the forefront of vaccine development. (& copy picture-alliance / dpa)

Introduction to the decoder

Getting a corona vaccination in Moscow is about as easy as buying bread - Sergei Medvedev came up with this simple formula. The political scientist added that the vaccine was only so easy to get in Moscow; in the regions, however, the "mass vaccination" with Sputnik V is only progressing slowly. So far, around five percent of the total population nationwide have received at least their first vaccination. Russia is one of the worst affected countries in the world and was the first country to approve a vaccine for widespread use. Why is the vaccination rate so low in Russia then, asks journalist Maxim Trudolyubov on Facebook.

Skepticism despite world-class vaccine

The majority of Russians (62 percent) do not want to be vaccinated against Covid, 64 percent think that this virus is a biological weapon (what must go on in the head of those who think one thing like the other?)

At the same time, Russia is undisputedly at the top of the world when it comes to the rapid development of an effective vaccine against Covid. And it is at the top of the world when it comes to helping other countries with vaccination: 39 countries have approved the Russian vaccine, including two EU countries that have not waited for EU approval - Hungary and Slovakia.

Of course it's a victory. The question is: a victory over whom?

Russian propaganda has defeated itself and its own Russian citizens. Years of proliferation of conspiracy theories and various anti-scientific nonsense has made people fear vaccines in the country that is at the forefront of vaccine development. This leads to avoidable deaths and isolation in the global community as the pace of vaccination is truly a race. The countries with the highest vaccination quota will open their borders to one another.

A low vaccination rate leads to more excess mortality

In Russia, the vaccination rate is low. Here Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Great Britain lead the field, but now also the USA, where there were big problems in the beginning. This is data from the University of Oxford.

Russia is arguably the only country in the world where the supply of vaccine exceeds the demand.

The PR campaign should lead to recognition of Russia's success worldwide. But if you consider the gigantic possibilities of the Russian propaganda machine - wouldn't it then perhaps be worthwhile to use it to recognize Russia's successes in Russia itself?

For this reason alone, propaganda is not just a technology, but a weapon that we use against ourselves.

P. S .: And what was Putin vaccinated with, and why didn't you say it? That would have helped the vaccination campaign. Was he not vaccinated at all, is he an anti-vaccination agent? [Or vaccinated, with - dek] Moderna, which is considered to be a particularly good remedy, but which one shouldn't say out loud?

Status: March 6th, 2021
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