Can you watch BBC iplayer live

The fine English way: How to switch on the BBC iPlayer in Germany in 2021

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the public broadcaster in the UK. So the counterpart to our ARD or ZDF. There are numerous TV channels for films, documentaries and the like that you can receive online with the BBC iPlayer. So you enjoy RuPaul’s Drag Race UK or the new episodes of The Serpent. Pure entertainment!

Unfortunately, this only works if you are in the UK. But you are sitting on the couch in Germany, what now? You have to bypass geoblocking operated by the BBC. With our performance winner ExpressVPN, we will show you how this works with a virtual private network. The somewhat slower, but cheaper, provider NordVPN also works.

Yes. To be able to access the ITV media library and live stream from Germany, however, you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network). How to get a UK IP address. Alternatively, you can use Zattoo - also in combination with a VPN.

Watch the BBC in Germany: simple step-by-step instructions

You meet her everywhere. It doesn't matter whether you want to watch German television or Netflix abroad. The country ban. Likewise, the British have their mechanisms to keep their local media local too. For you as a BBC fan, that's annoying.

But with our short guide we will make you a local. Use VPN to get a British IP address and fool the BBC iPlayer into thinking that you are in Great Britain. Zack, and you can stream all content freely. That's how it's done:

  1. Call up the ExpressVPN and select your desired operating system (Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS)
  2. Open an account with your email address and choose your preferred payment method
  3. Now confirm your email. To do this, copy the activation code on the email and you can now download the software
  4. Now follow the installation wizard
  5. Launch ExpressVPN and choose a server in the UK
  6. Connect with a click on the big button. You now have a UK IP address
  7. Now call up the BBC iPlayer and choose a program
  8. When asked for a postcode, just google and enter any UK postcode

Danger: The BBC is a public broadcaster and charges license fees. Like the GEZ fee in Germany.

That is why the BBC iPlayer asks you whether you have a TV license - that is, you are paying the costs.

Click on "I have a TV-License. Watch now. ”And you're ready to go.

With that you make yourself liable to prosecution. The UK government imposes a fine of up to £ 1,000 if you watch or record the BBC without a TV license. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to take this risk.

Visiting the website with a VPN is not a criminal offense and works perfectly. You are anonymized, your activities cannot be traced and are not recorded. Doesn't the BBC and the government catch you? If you already know that this is too much for your nerves, we have an alternative for you here: Zattoo Premium Hack.

Disclaimer: We don't have “I have a TV license. Watch now. “And do not call for you to make yourself liable to prosecution. We only provide information about the facts.

What is the BBC iPlayer?

The BBC iPlayer is a streaming portal with media library from the BBC. Sometimes it is just referred to as “iPlayer” or “BBC Media Player”. You will find a large selection of different TV channels there. Incidentally, the British Broadcasting Corporation's program is highly regarded worldwide for its quality - headlines the FAZ.

The BBC iPlayer combines content and live streams from various topics: entertainment, news, documentaries and sports. We'll go into that in a moment.

The great thing is that with the iPlayer you are neither tied to a TV nor to your home. You can receive the online service on any internet-enabled device, regardless of whether it is a tablet, smartphone or laptop. With the “BBC iPlayer” app, this works very easily on Android and iOS. A version is also available for Windows and MacOS. Alternatively, you can simply access it via the website.

At the BBC you only get the content in English and not in German. But you probably already knew that and that's no problem for you as a Britain fan - or is it? Then just turn on the subtitles. So you can improve your language skills and learn vocabulary.

You can find this at the BBC: Media library & live stream

What channels are there in BBC iPlayer? And what kind of content is there? Are well-known series and films also available? Yes. Angelina Jolie and Bruce Willis are within your grasp.

On the one hand, you can switch directly to live TV and let yourself be showered. On the other hand, you can go to the on-demand area and choose what you want to watch. First we switched to “Adventure”, “The Office” and “Peaky Blinders”.

Do you love talk shows? No problem. The current news situation? Always up to date. British humor fun? Sure, switch to “Little Britain”. Sports? No question. Or do you prefer nature, travel and culture? Everything is there.

Channels in media library and live TV from BBC iPlayer

  • BBC 1 (mass entertainment)
  • BBC 2 (more demanding program)
  • BBC 3 (culture, drama, humor)
  • BBC 4 (culture, education)
  • BBC News (24h News)
  • BBC Parliament (broadcast live from Westminster)
  • BBC Alba (Live in Scottish Gaelic)
  • BBC Scotland (regionally oriented program)
  • S4C (Welsh Canal)
  • CBBC (youth program)
  • CBeebies (toddler program)
  • BBC Radio 1 (youth target group: pop, rock, DJ shows)

If you'd like something more specific, you can also sort by categories: Arts, Comedy, Documentaries, Food, Films, History, Lifestyle, Music, Northern Ireland, Science, Soaps, Sport, Science, Travel and much more.

You can use the search function or the entire program listing from A – Z to see whether certain content or actors are available. With the TV guide you can check what's on TV today. You can save your favorites under “My Programs”.

Zattoo & FilmOn: Real alternatives to the BBC iPlayer?

At first glance, the diversity offered by the BBC seems difficult to replace. At second glance, you actually have a really good option.

We recommend the TV streaming provider Zattoo. With our Zattoo Premium Hack you get free access to various BBC channels and itv. There are also German channels such as Pro7, Sport1 or ZDF in HD. A couple of US programs are also included - and all of that without you having to worry about the law.

We're going to wipe FilmOn TV off the radar again. In the free version, you can stream a full two minutes. Then a banner appears: You should upgrade to the premium version. It costs around 20 euros a month.

In addition, the question arises: “Is FilmOn legal in Germany?” It is definitely suspect: We have found a lawsuit against FilmOn that is based on copyright infringement - it is similar to Kinox, Movie4K and Co.

VPN provider comparison: which service is the right choice?

When it comes to choosing a VPN provider, you really are spoiled for choice. So that you can stream your favorite BBC show as quickly and easily as possible, we have tested a few services for you. Here are our three favorites:

ExpressVPN: The Fast One

Are you looking for a VPN service that is fast and gives you HD quality without loading times? Then ExpressVPN is the place for you. But it also costs a little more.

In addition, with over 160 server locations worldwide, you get access to many IP addresses from different countries. This allows you to unblock Netflix USA, for example.

The best VPN provider


This VPN delivers strong performance for high demands. Very fast, high level of security and even outsmarted Netflix.

High level of security

Servers in 94 countries

Very fast

Easy to use & great support

Bypasses Netflix geo-blocking

Chargeable after the test phase

CyberGhost: the cheapest

Although the provider CyberGhost is the cheapest provider in our test, you have to accept some deficits here. Not only do you have fewer servers to choose from, the surfing speed is also slower.

The big plus of CyberGhost, however, is its guaranteed anonymity. No data about you will be saved. If you pay with Bitcoin, nobody knows that you even own this service.

Versatile VPN with good speeds

CyberGhost VPN

This VPN has powerful features packed into a great user interface. No log files and strong encryption.

Lots of server locations

Suitable for streaming

No logs policy

45 day money back guarantee

Not a free option

Only cheap with long subscription periods

NordVPN: The price-performance hero

NordVPN is our all-rounder. The provider places itself between CyberGhost and ExpressVPN in terms of price. When it comes to performance, you are also taking the middle ground with this offer.

You get a lot of server locations with which you can stream without any problems. Due to many users, the bandwidth sometimes fluctuates, then it becomes difficult with HD. But you also notice that in your wallet.

Best price performance ratio


NordVPN delivers a great overall package with a clear user interface at an unbeatable price. Streams all media libraries from abroad without any problems.

Easy to use

Additional security functions

Inexpensive three-year subscriptions

Fast support via live chat

No storage of usage data

Trial version only with specification of payment details

A lot in English

At a glance: Your advantages with VPN

Don't want to buy a VPN just to use the BBC iPlayer? The providers have a little more to offer. We'll show you, and they'll also help you:

You hide your trail on the internet. Nobody can understand what you've been doing where and when online. Always have a look at the terms and conditions of the provider. Our three favorites promise the no-logs policy. This means that no data - such as search queries or browser histories - are stored about you.

This is useful, for example, in an open WLAN or when you do online banking on your smartphone.

We have already touched on it: With VPN you can activate all live streams and media libraries. You can use an intermediary VPN server to obtain an IP address for the country from the server location. This is how you pretend that your web request originates from there.

If you sit on your couch in Germany, you can gain access to US platforms such as Hulu and HBO. Alternatively, you can unlock the huge selection from the American Amazon Prime Video.

If you are traveling somewhere in Indonesia, you can easily continue watching your favorite programs from Germany the other way around.
These two points seem a little small to you to invest your euros? Then let's take a look at the reverse if you're saving at the wrong end.

Free VPN services & proxy servers

There are various free providers on the net. So why spend money? Because free doesn't always mean “for free”. You have to expect this with free services:

  • Slow surfing speed or low data volume. Streaming is impossible with it
  • Few servers (locations) that are not always freely selectable. Unlocking media libraries worldwide does not work that way
  • Your data will be saved and possibly sold to third parties
  • Streaming providers know the IP addresses because they have to be shared by many users and block them. You can forget about geoblocking

With a proxy server, you struggle with similar problems. The encryption is weaker and privacy is less protected as a result. In addition, the IP address is even more easily recognized by streaming providers.

Conclusion: British humor thanks to VPN & BBC iPlayer

... or British outbursts of anger? With a VPN connection from ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhost, you can bypass geo-blocking from the BBC and watch Gordon Ramsey complain.

In general, a large part of UK TV is open to you with the BBC iPlayer. It doesn't matter whether you want to watch Scottish, Irish, Welsh or English TV channels. But only if you dare to lie: “Yes, I'll pay the British license fee.” If you don't want that, we recommend Zattoo.

Do you already use a VPN or are you still having problems with our instructions? Feel free to leave us a comment!

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