Is Jupiter really orbiting the sun?


Jupiter is that greatest and 'most colorful' planet in our solar system. Its diameter is almost eleven times the diameter of the earth. He turns from all planets on fastest around its axis and has many moons.


Jupiter is the fifth planet and the first gas planet, that is, it has no solid surface. It is kilometers in diameter the largest planet in the solar system and can easily be seen with the naked eye. After our moon and Venus, it is the brightest object in the night sky.

Rotatable and zoomable view of Jupiter (NASA)

It has two and a half times more mass than the other planets combined and 318 times more than Earth. Jupiter consists of 90 percent hydrogen and ten percent helium.

Its gas layer is divided into bands of clouds with different colors. The so-called is also noticeable 'Great Red Spot' - a huge cyclone. This cyclone is about twice the diameter of the earth.


Jupiter orbits the sun in an approximately circular orbit in about 12 years. The distance to the sun is between 740 and 820 million kilometers.

Self rotation

Jupiter is the planet of our solar system with the fastest self-rotation. Although it is so big, it does not take ten hours to complete one revolution on its own axis. Due to the slight inclination of its axis of rotation of only 3.13 °, Jupiter has no seasons.


Jupiter has very many moons. There are currently 79 known. The greatest of them Ganymede, with a diameter of kilometers is the largest moon in our solar system and also larger than the planet Mercury.