How often do dentists make mistakes

Trouble with the dentist? You don't have to put up with that

Tooth filling only with additional payment, an expensive implant instead of a crown as a cash benefit and on top of that, tooth cleaning as an extra for a fee - these are just some of the annoyances for patients. You can tell us your complaints about chargeable extras at dentists and orthodontists on the online platform

Medically necessary services in the field of dentistry are paid for by the health insurance companies. However, dentists usually earn more when they bill their services privately. For example, an implant for which the statutory health insurances do not pay a subsidy, including the abutment, cost 1,500 to 2,500 euros in patients. If you have several teeth, this quickly adds up to a five-figure amount.

On the page you can find out what you are entitled to

Statutory health insurance companies do not contribute to the costs of privately offered dental services. You are therefore mostly left to your own devices to assess whether the costs for dental treatment are reasonable and whether the billing has been correct.

This is where the consumer advice centers come in with the portal and provide helpful information for solving problems: As a patient, you can find out what you are entitled to from the dentist, what alternatives are available and what services you are entitled to pay for at

A project by several consumer centers

The consumer advice centers of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Berlin have jointly launched the site. With their offer, the consumer advocates want to expose grievances and give doctors a closer look at their sales practices.

The complaints forum is funded by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.

Thats how it works

As a patient, you can report your anger about dentists in the portal. Your case will be published anonymously on a complaint wall and the consumer advocates will explain the legal rules.

The more cases of misleading advertising, dubious sales strategies and inadmissible treatment and remuneration agreements are reported, the more pressure the consumer advice centers can exert: These are the arguments needed to urge providers and supervisory authorities to remedy the situation. The consumer advice centers want to warn of gross violations of applicable law and, if necessary, to clarify them in court proceedings.

Practical and legal tips for dealing with dental services round off the information package on the online portal. For example, you can find out here how to recognize cost traps and avoid unnecessarily expensive treatments. Consumers receive information about what they should pay attention to when having dental treatment abroad or what is important when using orthodontic services.