Why are e-cigs a big problem

Experts: E-cigarette health problems are highly unlikely

Berlin - Dr. Riccardo Polosa, from the University of Catania, has published an article in the prestigious Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine Journal. In it he complains about the poor communication about e-cigarettes. This could lead to unnecessary deaths from the consumption of tobacco cigarettes. According to the latest research, it is highly unlikely that an intended use of electronic cigarettes will lead to any significant health problems.

Dr. Polosa calls for urgently needed corrections to counteract the prevailing misperception regarding e-cigarettes.

In the past, ideologically distorted reporting has caused great confusion and misperceptions. Now it is time to put the scientific knowledge in the foreground.

Smokers can be sure that vaping with e-cigarettes is far less harmful to the lungs than smoking tobacco cigarettes, according to relevant scientific knowledge. There is increasing evidence that aerosols from e-cigarette emissions are relatively safe compared to tobacco smoke.

Nobody can prove harmless

For smokers looking to do something for their health, our review shows that switching to vaping is a very good option if they don't want or can't quit completely. Nobody can prove that e-cigarettes are 100% safe, but all scientific evidence suggests that vaping is much safer than smoking ”said Dr. Polosa.

Polosa added: “We agree with Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians in London that it is reasonable to assume that vaping is at least 95% less dangerous than smoking. It's probably even less risky. "

Inadequate reporting of health risks to the respiratory tract has created a great deal of uncertainty and discourages smokers from viewing e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative.

"The millions of deaths caused by smoking tobacco cigarettes illustrate an ongoing, immediate and preventable tragedy that should be fully accounted for in a rational risk-benefit analysis"said Dr. Polosa. “We believe there is growing evidence that replacing cigarettes with electronic cigarettes is an effective way of reducing tobacco use. Unfortunately, consumer understanding of the relative risks is skewed and, as a result, fewer and fewer adult smokers have found e-cigarettes to be a less harmful alternative in recent years. These misperceptions have real consequences and require corrections. "

Significant improvements in smoking symptoms

The consumers of electronic cigarettes, as well as smokers who wish to use electronic cigarettes as an alternative, have the right to receive actual information about the potential risks and benefits of these products.

The authors of the article also found that smokers who partially switched to electronic cigarettes experienced an improvement in smoking symptoms (coughing, phlegm) and had a lower amount of exhaled carbon monoxide. These results were even more pronounced for smokers who completely replaced tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.

For smokers with conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), switching to electronic cigarettes can also have a positive effect on symptoms.

A proper evaluation of the e-cigarette is required

Dr. Polosa summarizes: “It is not enough to question poorly meaningful or even misleading research results because of problems with the methodology and interpretation of these studies. There is an urgent need to address common mistakes and develop solid and realistic methodological recommendations in order to adequately assess the effects of e-cigarette use on human health under normal conditions of use. The introduction of standardized methods can enable better science to reduce tobacco damage. "

Michal Dobrajc, chairman of the e-cigarette industry association VdeH, agrees: “We expressly welcome the fact that a recognized researcher like Dr. Polosa expresses itself so clearly and thereby the significantly less harmfulness of the e-cigarette highlights. "

Dobrajc adds: "Like Dr. We have been calling for polosa for a long time an end to the ideological and sometimes manipulative reporting that has prevailed up to now. It is time that scientific facts and reputable studies take precedence, and adult smokers are educated about the less harmful alternative. The German politicians are also challenged here by putting aside improper demands regarding the inclusion of e-cigarettes in an extension of the tobacco advertising ban. It is hugely important that it must continue to be allowed, the population amplified over the benefits of the e-cigarette, the Potential in smoking cessation and the opportunity it creates for millions of smokers to educate. An extension of the advertising ban would therefore be counterproductive in terms of health policy. Because of this, we also insist on strict adherence to a self-imposed one Advertising Code that focuses on longstanding adult smokers and puts scientific facts in the foreground. "