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Violent protests in WarsawLGBT community does not accept Margot's arrest

The transsexual, by her passport a man, has been in custody for a week. Margot, as she calls herself, belongs to a group of LGBT activists that caused a stir two weeks ago. They hung a rainbow flag on various monuments in Warsaw, including Nicolaus Copernicus and also on a figure of Christ.

Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta commented on the government-affiliated Internet television station wpolsce.pl: "I was particularly shocked by the statue of Christ the Redeemer. This is the statue that the German occupiers took away and damaged in World War II and the one later was found accidentally between bushes. It is not only a religious, but also a patriotic symbol. The radical left has declared a culture war on all those who think differently. And it is acting more and more aggressively. "

(picture alliance / NurPhoto / Beata Zawrzel) Sexuality in Poland - How homophobia affects town twinning
In Poland, the PiS party has declared lesbians and gays to be the enemy. More than 100 local governments have declared themselves "LGBT-free zones". A tough test for German-Polish city partnerships.

Questionable arrest

The police provisionally arrested several people for the action with the rainbow flags. An activist was with friends in the mountains, she was taken several hundred kilometers to Warsaw in a police car.

Of those arrested at the time, only Margot has not yet been released. According to the Justice Department because of another incident about a month ago. The accused allegedly attacked the driver of a delivery truck that was driving through Warsaw with homophobic slogans on it. The Justice Minister himself presented a film showing the attack at a press conference. In the pictures, underlaid with threatening music, you can see a tussle among young people.

The situation escalated in downtown Warsaw

The situation escalated last weekend. There were spontaneous demonstrations for Margot's release, especially in downtown Warsaw. The largest of them on Saturday, with around 1,000 participants.

The police cracked down on the demonstrators, especially the day before. She arrested 48 people. According to government critics, it blatantly violated civil rights. So the lawyer Michal Wawrykiewicz on the radio station TOK FM:

"The way the police behaved is incompatible with Polish law. The uniforms lacked the names of the officers and no information about their rank. And finally, access to legal counsel was made difficult for the arrested."

Recordings show how the police drag demonstrators across the ground. Many of them were arbitrarily arrested for no reason, the LGBT activists said. Videos seem to confirm that.

(Dlf / F. Kellermann) As a lesbian in the "LGBT-free zone"
The Polish schoolgirl Alicja is insulted and marginalized in her village - because she is a lesbian. Many homosexuals leave Poland, but Alicja doesn't let that stop her from her fight for LGBT rights.

"Polish Stonewall"

For their part, the police published recordings of protesters climbing onto a police vehicle, among other things. Officials were attacked and insulted, it said to justify the arrests.

In LGBT circles, the events of the weekend are now referred to as the "Polish stonewall" - based on the battles between homosexuals and transsexuals against police violence in New York in 1969.

At least verbally, the conflict is now escalating every day. A Polish publicist close to the government spoke yesterday of terrorism on the part of the LGBT community. And government officials make fun of them. Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta about the arrested Margot. He told a reporter: "If I ask you to call me Loretta, or just a chair, will you be addressing me like that?"