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Roll over, car on the roof, engine failure?



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16-03-2018, 21:19 Title: Overturning, car on the roof, engine failure?

Hello everybody!

The day before yesterday a good friend had an accident with his Jeep Rubicon, built in 2012, 2.8l Common Rail Diesel from VM Motori.
He fell asleep while driving and hit a tree stump from the side at low speed. The car rolled up on the stump and finally came to rest on the roof. Fortunately, he was not injured in the process, but there was considerable damage to the bodywork.
According to him, the engine was off when he came to after a brief shock - but he did NOT switch it off.
It is of course possible that a high gear was engaged shortly before the accident and the speed was so low before the tilt that the engine stalled (best case). Otherwise another event would cause the engine to stall (lack of fuel?).

The car is now on a parking space - there was no attempt to start. We would like to know what damage to the engine can result from a rollover and what further course of action makes the most sense. Before we start the engine, we would have cranked it a few revolutions by hand.
Now a mechanic has suggested that a running engine can lead to damage if the engine oil rolls over, which is on the piston crown when the head is in position. According to him, it is possible that oil between the piston crown and the crankshaft gap cannot flow into the crankcase quickly enough and the piston can hit the piston. Mechanical damage such as broken oil control rings could result. These would not be noticeable when cranking by hand, but would cause massive damage to the cylinder wall after a start.

It should be mentioned that the car has special equipment and the value is correspondingly high.
Does it mean disassembling the engine to avoid any damage after starting it?


How does an engine die when it turns 180 °?

Is damage to the valve train possible (e.g. hydraulic blockage of hydraulic valve lifters)?

Is the statement with the oil drain between the piston crown and the crankshaft correct or what can really break?

Expect other damage or what experience do you have?

Thanks in advance!

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16-03-2018, 21:34 Title: Overturning, car on the roof, engine failure?

Hello Carlson from the roof,

If the engine continues to run after the rollover, it will be stuck due to a lack of oil lubrication.
If there is no oil on the pump, lower point in the oil pan, nothing is lubricated.
Try to crank the engine by hand, if that works without problems I would start the engine after checking for external damage.

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16-03-2018, 22:17 Title: Overturning, car on the roof, engine failure?

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