Why did Rorschach want to die?

Rorschach: Man dies in an apartment fire

On the night of Saturday, shortly after 12:20 a.m., a fire was discovered in an apartment building in Rohrschach, Switzerland. When the first police patrol arrived, an open fire was already visible in the area of ​​the top apartment. However, due to the smoke and the heat, the police were no longer able to get into the attic apartment in question.

Body discovered later

The fire brigade was only able to find the dead man's body in the attic apartment later. At the time the fire broke out, there were 15 people in the ten apartments in the apartment building. 14 were able to leave the house unharmed.

The neighboring house was also evacuated for security reasons. The tenants were able to return to their apartments during the night. The affected apartment building is no longer habitable. Some of the residents can live with friends. The city of Rorschach has arranged for accommodation for the others.

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The cause of the fire is still unknown

In addition to several patrols by the St. Gallen canton police, the responsible fire brigades with around 60 members were on duty. In addition, emergency doctors and paramedics checked the evacuated people for possible smoke poisoning. However, no one needed further treatment. The property damage from the fire amounts to several hundred thousand francs. The cause of the fire is not yet known.