How do lighting control systems work

OSRAM Bluetooth lighting control

DALI ACU and DALI ECO BT - quick and easy access to standard and tunable white lighting control
With these two DALI components, controlling modern, professional lighting is easier than ever. Components can be installed behind the classic button in a flush-mounted box or directly in a light - easy start via plug & play and convenient control via smartphone.

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LUXeye - the smart solution for needs-based and energy-efficient lighting
LUXeye simplifies the convenient implementation of advanced, energy-efficient lighting control solutions simply via smartphone. The compact system with integrated sensor technology (daylight and presence sensors) and Bluetooth interface controls the light automatically, but can be overridden by smartphone or button.

All the advantages of LUXeye at a glance

OPTOTRONIC BLE DIM - wireless CASAMBI color control
With the new LED dimmer (12 ... 24 V), LED modules can be combined with intelligent devices in next to no time. No additional installation of control cables, no gateway and no complicated wiring: This results in a wide range of possible applications that significantly simplify renovation projects in restaurants, hotel rooms or sales areas.

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