Why do you need a circuit board

From the printed circuit board to the electronics housing: Lecotronic AG is your competent partner in Switzerland in the field of industrial electronics!

If an idea is to become a tangible reality, one thing is certain for many manufacturers: Quality is a must! It goes without saying that this is no different when it comes to printed circuit boards and electronics housings. Your advantage: We believe that high-quality service and favorable conditions should not contradict each other. Anyone who opts for circuit boards and electronics housings from Lecotronic will therefore not be disappointed. Because we attach particular importance to reliability and expertise - in deliveries, advice and production.

What sets us apart: PCBs and PCB assembly including electronics housings from a single source

Detours are impractical and expensive. Everyone who is active in the economy knows this for sure. Therefore: steer with us straight to your destination! Because the special thing about Lectronic AG is that you get everything from us that you need for your end product.

All we need to realize your project are your documents. We can then get to work immediately with your sketches, samples and documents. It goes without saying for us that you are involved in every step of production: Which Circuit board works best for your device, a simple double-sided circuit board, or a sophisticated multi-layer multilayer; possibly a rigid-flex board or a highly flexible board? Should the assembly be equipped with THT or with SMD? Should your valuable device with a plastic housing or a Electronics housing be protected from sheet metal? We will make the right decision together with you! No matter what it is about: What our customers definitely always benefit from is our many years of experience in the industrial electronics sector.

Your partner in Switzerland - because you are better understood.

No question about it: when it comes to developing a product, close cooperation is required. That is why it is important to us to provide you with comprehensive support when selecting the printed circuit boards and electronics housings for your end device. Our numerous customers, who, by the way, are active in a wide variety of market sectors - from industrial electronics to medical technology and vehicle electronics to building controls - also benefit from this cooperation at eye level.

But for us it ultimately doesn't matter for where or for what purposes our circuit boards and Electronics housing be used. Our promise - top quality and top service - applies regardless of your specific area of ​​application. We can guarantee our high standards through regular maintenance of our production facilities as well as through our constantly updated and practiced quality management. This is regularly audited and confirmed by Bureau Veritas Certification (Schweiz) AG. The focus is not only on the flawless functioning of our production facilities, but also on environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly production processes from the Circuit board via their assembly to our plastic housings for 35mm DIN rail mounting or in a customer-specific produced metal housing.

Diverse service - good conditions: test the Lecotronic now

Do you already have an idea of ​​your product? Or would you still like to have printed circuit boards and Electronics housings to be advised? Then just contact us! A call to our telephone number or a request by fax is sufficient. In addition, we have also set up a contact form with which you can send us your requests electronically. We are happy to hear from them!