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Seminar evaluation (face-to-face seminars):
"How did you like my seminar" Bullying at School "?"

You can find the evaluation here
(will be reactivated at the end of the SS)
SS 2021
  • Division P&E II
    • The Seminars on the subject "Bullying in school"are offered again this semester as an online version based on a recommendation by the university. The corresponding information will be available on 9.4. 21 by email sent to the approved participants.
    • The exam for the seminars will take place from 19.-21.7. instead of. You can find more information about this directly in the course

Feedback on the seminar "Bullying in School"
  • "Thank you for the interesting event - the combination of commented slides and self-quizzes was very instructive."
  • "Thank you for your help and in this way also for the extraordinarily good seminar! "With 2 children who were at home due to the Corona restrictions, I was very happy to be able to organize my time freely.
  • "Personally, I found the online event very successful. What I really liked is the fact that, in addition to the slides, videos were also uploaded, which contributed a lot to the understanding. I also found the individual final questions on the respective topics to be very helpful Self-control. "
  • "I think the mode of the seminar is really excellent. In my opinion, I took a lot of the content of the seminar with me."
  • "Regarding the choice of topics, I think this will have been one of the more meaningful seminars in relation to the educational sciences. I also found that positive Grading transparency and the evaluation team. "
General information about my (face-to-face) seminars
  • AMove upin the face-to-face seminars is only possible if places become free in the first session AND you have already been registered for the seminar in LSF but have not been admitted (not even in a seminar on the same topic). The free places are then allocated according to matriculation number (lower first)
  • You can find information on seminar design here.
  • If you have any questions aboutProblems with registrations or LSFyou have to contact either the examination office or the LSF team directly. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it.
  • Since there are always questions about a "forgotten" exam registration for my seminars, I would like to point out again thatSubsequent registration after the registration deadline is no longer possible."Examination date" is the date of the last session in seminars without an examination (unless otherwise stated).
Feedback on the online seminar LuL II:
    • "Looking back, I am very grateful that I was able to attend the seminar, as I found the implementation method to be advantageous and also found the content to be very interesting. The independent division of learning was particularly practical at stressful times in the semester."
    • "... that only now, after 25 years of life, have I found out how a card index should actually be used - namely not as a storage box! Learning to structure and learning by linking will also be very useful to me in the next few weeks during my exam preparations be."
    • "Thank you very much for the great learning workshop. It was very pleasant to be able to work at your own pace."
    • "In summary, I can only say that the course was a success all round and that the content, just as it is designed, goes really well together. It was made possible for me to first use and reflect on my own skills in terms of self-determined learning and thus to expand them effectively and comprehensively. "
    • "Even in this somewhat special" Corona semester ", the time before the official start of the lectures could be used effectively. When the tasks to be completed then increased at the beginning of the other seminars / lectures, it was a great advantage that I was able to process the Interrupt online seminars and continue at a later point in the semester. "
    • "Instead of simply learning the content by heart without meaning and understanding, in this course you have to actively deal with the content and relate it to each other. This means that the retention performance is much higher because you deal intensively with the materials and so also understands the meaning and the connections. "
    • "In other words: through self-determined learning on the subject of self-determined learning, my self-determined learning became more self-determined!"
    • "Cool course, interesting content, top service and prompt answers if you have any questions ... what more could you want? Great!"
    • "The possibility of an online seminar alone is absolutely perfect for me personally. The format itself, as well as the topic, were very interesting and I wanted to find more self-determined learning during my studies (especially in seminars). In short: very good! "
    • "I really enjoyed working on the tasks and I thought it was great to be flexible in terms of time and now even have the opportunity to acquire the certificate so early in the semester. Since I work and organize the entire semester from start to finish must, this was a special incentive for me. In this sense, thank you very much! "
    • "I found the self-determined organization of the seminar particularly profitable, as I not only learned theoretically, but could also apply what I had learned to my own learning behavior. This would not have been possible in the same form in a face-to-face seminar. See through the theoretical background of self-determined learning As a prospective teacher, I am now able to support students on their way to self-determined learning and to give them tips and tricks on how to efficiently plan and structure their learning process. "
    • "An online course on the subject of" self-determined learning ", which is processed by means of self-determined learning, is an absolutely successful combination in my opinion, as you receive suggestions and explanations during processing, as it were," on the fly "as to the extent to which you generally pair your learning with the Completion of the assignments for this course can improve. "
    • "All in all, it can be said that in this course on the subject of self-determined learning I had a lot of fun working on the modules independently and thereby acquiring helpful knowledge for my future profession as a teacher."
    • "At this point, I would like to tell you again that I really enjoyed working independently on your course and that I can certainly use the newly acquired knowledge for my future profession as a teacher."
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