Windows Vista will be updated to Windows 7

Install Windows 7 without errors

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The new Windows 7 has many advantages. But the first problems can arise during the installation. Avoid the worst stumbling blocks.

EnlargeInstall Windows 7 without errors

First of all: In our tests, both the new installations and the upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 went smoothly. However, inquiries from less fortunate users are increasing in support forums. We provide you with the solutions to the most common problems.

The right version

The trouble often starts with a bad buy. You can only use the cheaper upgrade version of Windows 7 if you have Windows XP or Vista. If you are not yet using Windows or an old version such as Windows 98 / Me / 2000, you need the full version of Windows 7.

Even those who frequently completely reinstall their computers are better off with a full version. There are two installation variants for buyers of the upgrade version: With the direct upgrade, Windows 7 is simply installed over your current Windows. The existing settings, programs and data are adopted.

Important: This only works with Windows Vista. No direct upgrade is possible for XP users. They have to perform a new installation. All data, settings and programs will be lost if they have not previously been saved on an external hard drive.