What is the ugliest fish

Blobfish named the ugliest animal in the world

He looks like a sullen old man, and comparing pictures with various politicians would be quite tempting. The fact that the blobfish are now being honored is primarily a matter of nature conservation.

(afp) The blobfish has been named the ugliest animal in the world - a gelatinous fish that lives in the depths of the Pacific and looks like a bald, old man struggling with life.

More than 3,000 people took part in the online vote on animal species beyond the Jöh effect, which, however, play an important role in the ecosystem. The award ceremony has now taken place as part of the British Science Association's young talent competition in Newcastle in north-east Great Britain.

Deep sea fishing threats

The blobfish, whose stocks are being decimated by deep-sea fishing, was the clear winner of the competition with 795 votes. It was followed by the kakapo, a rare, owl-like-looking parrot that cannot fly and lives in New Zealand. Third place went to the axolotl, a Mexican amphibian, also known as the “running fish”.

Not always just panda bears

Other contenders for the ugliest animal award included the Titicaca frog, which lives in Peru and Bolivia, and the proboscis monkey, which has red genitals, a large nose and a pot belly. "It's a light-hearted way of getting people to think about conservation," said Coralie Young of the British Science Association.

The blobfish is now the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Conservation Society, an association of humorists who care about endangered, ugly animal species. The company's website says: "The panda bear is getting too much attention." A total of 88,000 people visited the homepage on which the online voting was held.