Is Mystic Gohan stronger than Broly

Gohan v.s Brolly

  • VegetaBle December 30, 2004, 3:23 pm

    Okay double post, I'm sorry, but the thread is too entertaining.

    Quote by Evil cloud
    Wrong, Mystic Gohan is not as strong as an ssj3, but stronger.

    when goku was ssj3 he fought the little boo in the Kaioshinland and had done well, but he had too little energy and boo could always regenerate. so if the fight had continued and vegeta hadn't given him the time to collect energy, he would have lost.

    But Mystic Gohan, on the other hand, had beaten up the big Boo before he absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo. And then has transformed (shrinks).

    This proves: the big Majin Boo (without further absorption) is anyway stronger than the shrunken bad boo.

    And also: Mystic Gohan stronger than SSJ3 Goku.
    Take it, not bothered me, but the statement was just garbage.
    I like Gohan more than goku but still that's not true. Mystic Gohan was the equal of Super Boo; SSj3 goku is kid boo (who is simply the strongest because Gohan was only equal to his father during cell games, never again afterwards.

    Mhh is not a great source, but I do not think that they confuse facts with something like that, with budokai 3 the kitboshin says that he can feel a lot stronger than boo and that is: tadahhh brolly.
    Should brollys really be stronger than boo, gohan never has a chance against him.
  • Gast15042 December 30, 2004, 4:54 pm
    Quote by Athena
    I still have the table in my head ... ^^

    Ordinary supersayajin ...

    Force increase:

    Through SSJ level one = 5 million
    Through SSJ level two = 15 million (Gohan had received these strength bonuses in addition to his angry powers at the cell tournament!)
    By 'three times the SSJ = 45 million
    Through the Quadruple SJJ = 135 million.

    As you can see, it means that each additional level gives 3 times as much power as the first before.
    In addition, the levels are added, each level is 'put on top of the other', that does with a normal Sayajin like Goku ... ^^

    200 million just through the levels. I think it was said that Cell and Gohan had at the tournament, where they were almost equally strong in the end, both in about 74 million ... ^^ * g *
    Shit I have to find the page again ...

    Well, I'll do the 'Legendary Supersayajin List', although everyone in attendance certainly knows how much the levels will bring here ...

    'L'SSJ Level 1 = 50 million (Yes, we remember, in the movies Brolly was really pretty strong after making himself big and muscular like the Hulk ... ^^)
    And here, the levels that were never done or shown ... ;-)
    'L'SSJ Level 2 = 150 million
    'L'SSJ Level 3 = 450 million .... O_O
    'L'SSJ Level 4 = 1350

    'Two' billion ... ^^ "* sip * are you sure that Gohan would have really and definitely defeated Brolly after the mystic power-up ...?
    Athena, I would be interested in your sources. I've never heard of a power level table for the Legendary Supersaiyajin ...
    I don't think this table is official. (well, actually not even broly is really official. I just say: movie character) but as far as I know, akira has never revealed any more details about the legendary supersaiyajin!

    And just as a reminder: the point in time plays a major role! we never come to a result without an explicit point in time!
  • @Freak

    I know, somehow always seems so lax and dull when you see these forces as numbers, especially those of the legendary ... O_o

    Unfortunately, I can no longer read my sources, since I was not a Japanese since the last major overhaul. I have more writing on my PC and can no longer find it.
    But is it really necessary to have proof? Can't you imagine the effects? You can already see in Movies 8 and 10 ... how strong Brolly gets when he even switches to "legendary" level number 1 and then trudges around as a huge muscle pack.

    mfg, Athena ;-p

  • Nobody wants to post anymore, huh? ^^ I understand, you can't talk clearly about assessments of the various forces in DBZ anyway! But if you want, Mystik Gohan is just stronger than the usual brolly. I wouldn't mind because Brolly is a nut! :-p

    mfg, ;-D

  • Guest1504229.01.2005, 14:00

    well, you can't say it at all .. so many different factors play a role ... time .. whether gohan fights alone .. especially with gohan the mental state is very important - if he is really angry he can still do a lot get more out of yourself than it says in your 'powerlevel' ..

    but actually I don't want to make up my mind. i hate movie characters anyway!

    * edit *

    exception: tapion

  • . = Legend = .13.03.2005, 19:05

    Of course Broly is the stronger, they only have a chance against Broly together

  • freestyler March 21, 2005, 4:41 pm
    Quote by . = Legend =.
    of course Broly is the stronger one
    I totally agree with you Legend
  • S0ul-Ripp3R 03/29/2005, 23:59

    First, I think the ssj levels always increase in percentage by how much I have ka ^^

    and secondly, broly gets stronger every second his strength keeps increasing when gohan fought broli, broli was stronger than gohan

    when goku and the others fought against broli broli was incredibly strong but goku was able to defeat him with the energy of the others that is if broli had the same power level during the fight against gohan that goku was stronger than cell when he had wounded broli and that makes me ask why did they have such a hard time against cell?

    to express the ma with numbers:

    fight against broli

    goku 1000
    gohan 1000
    piccolo 600
    trunks 800
    vegeta 800
    broli 10000 (I made up all the numbers and INTENTIONALLY used smaller ones ^^)

    goku after energy consumption> 10000

    cell games

    cell 7000
    ssj2 gohan with full power and 2 arms 10000

    broli 2:

    gohan 10000
    broli (if he hadn't gotten stronger) 10,000
    but can not be because gohan had it very difficult against broli so broli must have had about 15,000

    well i hope you know what i mean -.-

  • In the English version of DBZ, Goten and Trunks tell Gohan that he is stronger than SSJ3 Gotenks and that he is as strong as Goku and therefore Gohan is also stronger than Goku in the end!

  • I would say Gohan even though Broly is a muscleman. But Gohan is the son of Goku and he is the strongest. In addition, Gohan is very strong, he defeated Cell and he was a kid !!

  • ToFo101010100 June 8th, 2005, 4:40 pm

    Broli can only be defeated by Son Goku !!!
    Son gohan is a looser !! Can't do anything!
    I don't understand why everyone dies for him (Goku, Piccolo .....).

  • lol you want to be kidding me .... hm ... let's put it that way .... broly "was" stronger than gohan ... even a lot .... okay ... and you think gohan is stronger now ? broly is no longer alive so you can't compare that ... if broly were alive, gohan wouldn't have a chance even with this mystic because broly would have finished him off with one blow .. because broly wouldn't be as strong as before
    ps: don't forget! broly is no ordinary opponent ... he can also become a super saiyan (legendary). Imagine Broly would have trained in that time ... well then gohan would look old ...
    now don't say but if gohan freaks out ... imagine if broly freaks out ... I think only those can imagine that who have seen broly angry

    Kind regards

  • Shiny Charizard December 21, 2005, 2:40 pm

    I would say that Gohan wins, firstly because I don't like Brolly and secondly because Gohan will come up with something in the fight to hit Brolly.

  • If Gohan gets a freak, he'll make almost everyone cold, and the good ones always win.

  • Yoda181103.01.2006, 7:20 pm

    Actually, broly should win because the legendary saiyajin has the same strength as an ssj3, right?