How do you test your oven temperature

One dish doesn't get through, the other a little too crunchy? Then you don't seem to know your oven well enough. Use these tricks to get to know him.

Do you like to prepare dishes in the oven? Then you probably know the problem that the potatoes are burnt even though you have set the temperature according to the recipe, or that the cookies in the middle of the tray have turned wonderfully golden brown, but the ones in the back are almost black? Well, how do you actually know whether the temperature in the oven is the one you set? But there is a simple way to make sure of that.

An oven thermometer provides clarity for the baking temperature

The best way to check the temperature of your oven is with an oven thermometer. Over time, the This is because the temperature scale of your oven will be inaccurate and will not reflect the actual internal temperature. The oven temperature can even vary by up to 90 degrees from model to model, so you cannot automatically assume that every dish will be baked the way you expect it to be.

Repeat temperature tests in the oven regularly

To test the temperature of your oven, insert an oven thermometer on the middle rail and set a temperature. Once the oven is preheated, check the thermometer. If there is a difference between the temperature on the thermometer and the scale on the front of your oven, write it down and adjust your scale setting accordingly the next time you bake. Since the calibration can fluctuate over time, you should repeat this test every three to six months.

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Test your oven for hot spots

The temperature of your oven can also fluctuate depending on which part of the oven your food is placed in - the sides, the bottom and the top the ovens are usually the hottest spots. To test for hot spots, preheat your oven and set around six slices of bread on each levelso that they are evenly distributed throughout the oven. Let the bread bake until the bread slices in the middle of the layers are golden brown. Now you can use the bread slices that have become too crispy to find out where to place your baking sheets and whether you might need to turn or swap them while baking so that everything is done evenly. Your next baking project is sure to be a great success!

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