Do people still get a carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome

If the person concerned has mild to moderate symptoms, they can conservative means relieve the pain. If strong symptoms appear over a long period of time, this is surgery the treatment of choice.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: treat without surgery

The doctor will first get one rail recommend that the patient wears at night. This prevents the wrist from kinking while you sleep. Many patients sleep through the splint without any symptoms.

Affected people often use a bandage during the day. This is easy on the nerves and at the same time allows you to move your hand. However, it has not been proven whether taping helps with carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition, the doctor gives frequently cortisone - in the form of tablets or as a syringe directly into the wrist. The active ingredient can temporarily subside the symptoms. However, cortisone does not help against carpal tunnel syndrome in the long term.

If the pain is more severe, the doctor often also advises Pain relievers or ointments. Sometimes pharmacists also recommend vitamin B6, which is supposed to strengthen the nerve. However, studies show that the vitamin does not improve symptoms.

Some patients use physical therapy and do certain exercises to relieve their symptoms. Studies have not yet been able to prove whether these really help with carpal tunnel syndrome. The benefits of homeopathy have also not been proven. The same applies to acupuncture, ultrasound, laser and magnetic field therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome.