Mexico is a failed state in November 2019

Nine US citizens murdered in Mexico, Trump offers military aid

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Mexico City - Nine US citizens were killed in a raid in northern Mexico on Monday. US President Donald Trump then offered military aid to the neighboring country. If Mexico needs help, the US is ready "to get involved and get the job done quickly and effectively," said Trump. "The time has come for Mexico to use the United States to wage war on the drug cartels and remove them from the ground. We're just waiting for a call from your great new president!"

Mexico's president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has been in office since December 2018, declined with thanks: his country would bring the perpetrators to justice itself. Speaking to reporters, he said that he thanked Trump for his offer, but it had to be clarified how such aid could look, while at the same time respecting Mexico's sovereignty.

The three women and six children were members of a US Mormon community in northwestern Mexico, whose members are citizens of both countries. They were traveling in several vehicles from Bavispe in the state of Sonora to another Mormon settlement in the neighboring state of Chihuahua.

Flat tire stopped vehicle

When a car broke down with a flat tire, the others turned to get help. While the driver and her four children were waiting for their travel companions to return, strangers opened fire, killed all occupants and set the vehicle on fire.

When the rest of the group returned in two cars, they too were shot at. Several children managed to escape. One girl was missing. Five injured children were taken to US hospitals.

Julian LeBaron, a relative of those killed, spoke on the radio station Radio Fórmula of a massacre. LeBaron's brother Benjamin, the founder of SOS Chihuahua, an association to combat gang crime, was murdered by a drug gang in 2009.

LeBarons came to Mexico in 1924

The LeBarons are descended from Mormons who moved to Mexico in 1924 because they had fallen out with the leadership of the religious community over the question of polygamy.

The attack occurred in Rancho de la Mora on the border between the states of Chihuahua and Sonora and near the border with the United States. Drug traffickers and other criminal gangs are active in the area. Nearly 36,000 murders were recorded in Mexico last year. (red, APA, AFP, November 5, 2019)