Seriously should I get a fake ID

Possible dangers if the identity card number is passed on

We had already presented copying of ID cards as a data protection problem in our newsletter. Even knowledge of personal core data can be misused by data thieves. This also includes the identity card number. Here there is a particular risk of so-called identity theft. Knowing, among other things, the identity card number, forgery of documents and false information to authorities and institutions are possible, which can have serious personal and financial consequences.

It is conceivable that crimes were committed and that in this context the victim of the data theft is assumed to be false. This can result in entries in the Federal Central Register (the central criminal register of the Federal Republic of Germany) being made at the expense of the victim and, in the worst case, arrest or punishment. It is also possible to open a credit card account in the name of the victim and then make purchases with the foreign identity. If necessary, additional official documents such as a driver's license or passport are applied for under the false identity, which then have additional credibility for themselves. Using a forged driver's license, the perpetrator can then “pass on” the consequences of road traffic offenses - from entries in the central traffic register to fines, penalties and arrest warrants - to the victim of identity fraud.

These dangers must be countered by taking appropriate care when passing on data such as the identity card number. In the event of an emergency, authorities and credit institutions must be informed immediately and entries made with credit agencies.