Can snowboard overweight people

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So for me it is like this:

I can both.
I was put on skis as a child and then learned to skate when I was 14.
In the meantime I only ride snowboarding * a lot nicer *
very good
In my experience, if you can already ski, learning to snowboard is not that easy because you always think you can move your legs independently of each other. But you can't ...

For absolute beginners - I have heard - snowboarding is easier to learn than skiing.
even better!
And that's because you only have to coordinate one board and not two + sticks * ugh *
I love the movement of snowboarding - it's soooo nice, round, fluid movement!
I can only congratulate you on your decision!
Thanks! and it has definitely fallen now

Of course, there will also be disadvantages as a "Molli beginner":
You keep falling down - it gets on your knees + wrists * as an expert you tend to stand still *
Then you are more likely to "pull around" the board with your weight in the curve than to dare to lie down in the valley and the board will turn by itself ...
Somehow I just had to laugh heartily at the thought of how I tumble down the mountain with several overturns and finally land "on my feet / the board" again and continue to drive in a dizzy state * laughs * (... which I probably won't anyway could )

Have you ever asked what kind of lifts there will be? The idiot hill usually has these cute tow lifts, which could also be a bit of a problem as a "beginner with weight".
Thanks for the tip, I'll ask my girlfriend about that.

All in all, I don't want to discourage you
Nah ... well, you did exactly the opposite
, will be great,

I'll be back in Switzerland at the end of January and hit the slopes unsafe, and I'm really looking forward to it again,
best regards Hanna

P.S .: And then tell me how it was!

I'm skiing. A few years ago I tried snowboarding and the ski instructor who dragged me down the slopes said that snowboarding was easier than skiing. I didn't feel that way at all, but it will probably be right for beginners, as a board cannot become independent. And finally, such a ski instructor also has a lot of experience.
I've been told that several times now. I'll just believe it now
To protect your wrists, there are special gloves with a plastic part that should provide support. I always wore the inline skate wrist guards (what a word ...) under the gloves and never had pain. Instead, a lot of sore muscles that I don't actually have on skis.
I guess I was a bit cramped. Getting up was also not a problem, both up and down the slope and I probably had the same BMI then as I do today (approx. 35).

Have fun. Where are you going?
Lg, Grania
Great, thank you Grania, I'll have a look because of gloves like that when I go to buy a jacket anyway. If there is such a thing, it is certainly not for free and then I also want to be protected so that I am not afraid of trying things out

So my friend said, this is in the Sudeltal. Bad Tölz is where you book the course. So if that tells you something ... I don't know my way around. Just know that it's about an hour by car from Munich.

Best regards,
Snow Duck * look forward to it now, super megadoll *
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