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The task of our university is to advance the state of education and science through teaching and research. In keeping with the name of our university, we feel committed to Otto von Guericke. His name stands for:

  • the application of scientific methods,
  • the pursuit of innovation and new knowledge and
  • assuming social responsibility for present and future generations

Profile - Our university sees itself - without prejudice to the concept of "Universitas" - as a profile university and strives for a sharply contoured and lean structure that has a traditional focus in engineering and natural sciences as well as in medicine, and in economic, social and Humanities sees disciplines as indispensable for a modern university in the information society.
As a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe, Magdeburg University has set itself the task of comprehensive internationalization of research and teaching and contributes to cultural rapprochement.

Community - Our university is a community of employees and students that is characterized by openness, trust, tolerance and cooperation. She strives for a harmonious climate that promotes health and motivation. Equal opportunities for women and men and the compatibility of studies, work and family are binding requirements for us.

Teaching - In teaching, we are aware of our responsibility towards the students. We demand a highly qualified, scientific education that is based on the current state of research. We train creative and critical people who have problem-solving skills, the ability to work in a team and a sense of responsibility.
The training should also be based on practical requirements, with the pursuit of professional ability having priority over the achievement of professional skills. We promote "lifelong learning" through further education and training. To this end, we have developed the mission statement and guidelines for studying and teaching at Otto von Guericke University.

Research - We stand for a high quality level of our research, which is characterized by scientific and social relevance. Our research is subject to ethical reflection with regard to the means used and the possible effects on society and the environment.
The unity of research and teaching as well as the freedom of science are for us inalienable principles. In accordance with the profile of our university, we define key areas in which we want to achieve top performance. Interdisciplinary and international projects are particularly encouraged.

Society - We are a publicly funded university with the right to self-govern and the duty to self-regulate. We have the task of promoting social interest and informing the public about our concerns and activities. The university must maintain a critical attitude towards the zeitgeist and express this to the public.

We are aware that every member of the university contributes to the public's reputation through their performance and behavior.