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128 MB ATI Mobility Radeon X700 graphics (PCI-Express) or 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce ™ Go 7300 TurboCache

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Hello, I am hoping for expert information here and I have good hope. :) I've recently been thinking of buying a notebook. :) Due to my lack of specialist knowledge, I have already turned to several IT students .. unfortunately none of them could give me information about which graphics card would be better .. either 128 MB ATI Mobility Radeon X700 graphics (PCI Express) or 256MB NVIDIA ® GeForce ™ Go 7300 TurboCache I started my search at notebooksbilliger.de and found out that there are some of the best offers in terms of price-performance. The notebook is primarily intended for games, whereby I also attach great importance to flexibility (therefore no PC). In my search, the Asus A6 V series caught my eye and my requirements were all right, but in the many reviews of the notebooks everything was always great and all games run with good quality ... in magazines and tests However, I noticed a very poor performance of the 128 MB ATI Mobility Radeon X700 graphics (PCI-Express). I also have an additional question: the Acer Aspire 1694WLMi has an ATI® Mobility ™ Radeon ™ X700 with 256MB video RAM installed ... is it better than the ATI Raedon X700 with 128Mb? As you can see, I have no idea and I am grateful for any expert answer. PS: Please do not suggest any other graphics cards, the GeForce 7800 GT is too expensive for me ...

Answer 1 from Dev0

The notebook is primarily intended for games, whereby I also attach great importance to flexibility
(therefore no PC).

You won't be happy with either card.

Which of course depends on the type of game you play, be it 3D shooter or 2D Halma, but notebook and PC onboard graphics cards are rather unsuitable.

Answer 2 from vadder

the best notebook graphic is the nvidia 7800er

I found that with google


Answer 3 from S-to-the-d

So for the first time you want to play with the notebook ???
then you shouldn't commit to the two cards ... because they're not very good for playing!

since the nividea Go 7800 series is too expensive for you you can look around for a notebook with the "old" geforce 6800 cards .. the Go 6800 or GO6800Ultra are also very powerful and are also sufficient for newer games, the Radeon mobility X800 series also suitable for games!

you said that you don't want any other graphics card suggestions ... well but the ones you mentioned will not be happy!

You can also simply tell us how much you want to spend, then we can also provide you with offers!

You simply have to pay a lot for a notebook that is suitable for games ... you can't get away so cheaply, a good notebook for games starts at € 1500 and more!

alternatively, the Go 6600 would also be recommended as a graphics card ...

that would be an MSI notebook (very good brand) with a Go 6600
the graphics are not great, but better than the maps you mentioned!

that would be a pretty perfect gamer notebook now, and for the performance it has a very affordable price!
the notebook has a very good processor, a nividea Go 7800GTX graphics card (the best currently available)
and 1024MB RAm, a 100GB hard drive so a very notebook, costs around 1700 € this price is very cheap for a gaming notebook, you shouldn't save at the wrong end and quickly buy a notebook that doesn't have enough gaming power, love to save a little and then buy something good !!
Above all, you should keep your fingers off gericom notebooks, although they are cheap, they are of poor quality and performance!

Answer 4 from richklau


so i have registered now ... so i'm daincler too.

Thank you first .. :)

I actually wanted to spend a maximum of 1500 on a notebook, but at first I just concentrated on the properties of the notebook while searching and thought that I would be good at around 1300.

During the search I noticed the ASUS A6V series and only the two graphics cards as mentioned above were available there.

So my notebook should be over 1.73 Ghz and the graphics should be great ...
1024 MB DDR Ram (where is the difference to DDR2)
Have wireless lan in there
hard disk 80-100

Actually, I wanted 15.4 inches, but a notebook with these properties can also be 15 or 17 inches.
In terms of price, I want to stay below 1700, so the Osiris E701 Intel Pentium M 760 2Ghz notebook (from the 2nd link) is really good, I would say.

So if you come across something, please email us here

Answer 5 from S-to-the-d

do you mean this notebook?

so it is only barely under 1700 €
but for this price one of the best you can get, with the graphics card you are well equipped for the next few years!
1024MB Ram are also not a matter of course with every notebook, and also the few notebooks have such a large hard disk, these notebooks from Lahho are also very good in terms of quality, so far only good experiences have been made!

Answer 6 from richklau

yes I mean the notebook from which you wrote the link for me .... :)
a great part but unfortunately 200 euros too expensive ...

let's see if I can buy this.

another question, why is a Geforce 6800 GO better than a GeForce 7300?

because the 7xxx series from geForce is the new series ...

Answer 7 from S-to-the-d

so the 7300 is the worst card of the new series, just as there were bad cards in the old series (6200) the card is newer, but still worse than the 6600, 6600Gt, 6800, 6800ultra!
the 7300 is just an entry card and not nearly as powerful as the good cards of the old series!

the notebook for 1700 € is very good value for money, and is far above the performance of the 1st notebook!
The 200 € that are too much for you would be a good investment so save a little and buy something good than save at the wrong end!

Answer 8 from richklau

So I think I'll stick with the ATI Raedon X700 128MB but with this notebook
The graphics card of the notebook is exchangeable ...
then I can buy a new X1xxx later,
or are the graphics cards for notebooks different in contrast to computers?

Answer 9 from richklau

the notebook with the replaceable graphics card has
following technical data:

Intel® Pentium-M® 750 1866Mhz
ATI Mobility Radeon X700 128MB PCIexpress
1024MB S0-DIMM DDR333 (1 module)
Hard disk 1 - 80GB (2.5 ", 5400rpm)
DVD ± RW slimline multi-standard burner
integrated WLAN 802.11b / g 54 / Mbit

for 1500 euros, I think that's possible.

You can get the properties for 1300 but then you can't replace the graphics card (at least not specified according to the manufacturer) .. or can you replace the graphics card on every notebook?

Answer 10 from S-to-the-d

The card cannot be exchanged for everyone ... but I would be careful, there are often problems with compatibility!

Answer 11 from richklau

Answer 12 from richklau

Please answer my question or compare the notebooks and say which notebook you find more suitable for games .... I want to buy one of the two tomorrow.

Answer 13 from FlorianZ

take the Acer Aspire 1694WLMi
I've had it for about 2 months and it's a great device ;-)
I play WOW, CS, CSS, HL2, DOOM3 and QUAKE4 ... all without problems ;-)

Answer 14 from S-to-the-d

I advise the asus, because it has the same GraKa (the 256MB version is not longer but just as fast!

otherwise the noteboooks are similar in terms of performance, asus is one of the best brands for gamers anyway, and cheaper isses too, what more could you want

Answer 15 from richklau

bailed, grin, thank you .. I was also advised to go to the Asus. Dankeschhhöööönn

Answer 16 from S-to-the-d

büdde nothing to thank! have fun with your notebook!

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