How does the Unix sort command work

For this purpose there is a panacea under Unix: sort. Since it can also be used wonderfully in pipes, almost nothing is left to be desired.
  1. The simplest case: you want to sort a normal list.
    If sort is not case-sensitive, you have to use the -f switch. If sort should only take into account alphanumeric characters, the -d switch is effective.
    Before sort
      jklmno ghi def pq r abc  

    By sort
      abc def ghi jklmno pq r  

  2. Sorting by date is more difficult, but also works.
    The command to do this is.
    Before sort
      Aug 25 15:20:19 foo Aug 27 15:20:19 bar Aug 25 15:20:17 foo Jul 25 15:20:19 bar  

    By sort
      Jul 25 15:20:19 bar Aug 25 15:20:17 foo Aug 25 15:20:19 foo Aug 27 15:20:19 bar  


Usage: sort [OPTION] ... [FILE] ... + HOME [-POS2] Starts at HOME, end in front POS2. Counting starts at zero, unless -k was also specified. -b Ignore leading spaces in fields and keys. -c Check whether the files are already sorted, not sorted. -d Checks only [a-zA-Z0-9]. -f Ignore upper and lower case. -g Checks numerically, -b is also used. -i ProĆ¼ft only [\ 040- \ 0176]. -k HOME [, HOME2] Starts at HOME, ends at POS2. Counting starts at one unless + POS is negative. -m Merge files that have already been sorted, do not sort. -M Compares (unknown) < 'jan'="">< 'dec',="" -b="" wird="" mitbenutzt.="" -n="" wie="" -g,="" nur="" nicht="" generell.="" -o="" file="" schreibt="" das="" ergebnis="" nach="" file="" und="" nicht="" nach="" stdout.="" -r="" kehrt="" das="" ergebnis="" um.="" -s="" stablisiert="" die="" sortierung="" (intern).="" -t="" sep="" benutzt="" sep="" als="" abstand,="" nicht="" whitespace.="" -t="" directory="" benutzt="" directory="" für="" temporäre="" dateien,="" nicht="" $tmpdir="" oder="" mp.="" -u="" mit="" -c,="" prüft="" auf="" richtige="" anweisungen.="" mit="" -m,="" gibt="" nur="" das="" erste="" match="" aus.="" -z="" beendet="" zeilen="" mit="" 0="" byte,="" not="" newline.="" für="" find="" -print0.="" report="" bugs="" to="">