Are the gods we worship really extraterrestrials?

The aliens will come in ten or fifteen years

Erich von Däniken will give a lecture in Simbach am Inn on November 4th. Before that, we talked to him about his theories.

SIMBACH AM INN With his provocative theses and supposed evidence about extraterrestrials who appeared to humans as gods in the distant past and helped, for example, with the construction of the pyramids, Erich von Däniken has sold millions of books and inspired numerous Hollywood makers. Believe him or not: Von Däniken is a gifted narrator and a rousing speaker. On Monday, November 4th, Erich von Däniken will give a multimedia lecture at 8 p.m. in the Simbacher LOKschuppen. In the big Wochenblatt interview, von Däniken explains his theories and reveals what he thinks of his critics.

Mr. von Däniken, on November 4th you will hold your brand new lecture “The Return of the Gods” in Simbach am Inn. What's new to learn from you?

Von Däniken: A lot of course! People have worshiped gods for millennia. In the beginning there were forces of nature or nature gods and later suddenly other gods came down from the clouds. They gave information, explained the calendar to people, helped them a little, and perhaps behaved a little like today's anthropologists who study people. These gods were aliens who promised they would return in a distant future. People mistakenly believed that these were real gods. We all know, of course, that there are no gods but the one God. People have started to worship these gods. You can prove that today. And here I am the specialist. In my lecture I show the craziest things, for example from the pyramids in Mexico or Egypt. I want people to learn to be amazed again.

So your lecture is a kind of “best of” Däniken?

Yes, you could say that. The very latest can be seen in the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The famous historian Herodotus once noted that there was a lake under the great pyramid. There is a sarcophagus there. The Egyptologists never took this statement seriously. The lake has now been discovered. I was downstairs, of course, showing real pictures and computer animation. It really knocks you off your chair. What is hidden in the shafts? Using robotic probes, a room was discovered containing lines or characters that are not hieroglyphics. That doesn't match the time of Cheops, who is said to have built the pyramid. We now know of a kilometer of shafts and passages in the pyramid and most of them cannot be entered. Who did that? Are there possibly the lost books of the biblical figure Enoch in the pyramid, to whom the gods are said to have dictated their knowledge? All of my theses end with a question mark. It is the same with my lecture.

Sounds a lot like Hollywood and Indiana Jones. What do you say to people who say that the Däniken only tells esoteric nonsense?

I understand that very well. But then I always ask people: have they ever read one of my books? Or heard a lecture? And most of the time people say "no". And then I say: Read a book from me or come to a lecture. And afterwards she will probably have a different opinion. At the end of a lecture you ask yourself: who is right now? The Däniken or the other side. The answer remains open.

You have inspired the film industry to implement your theses in a wide variety of ways ...

Yes. The American mystery channel, for example, is currently running an 80-part series called "Ancient Aliens", which is based on my ideas and has an insane audience.

Speaking of Hollywood: Do you have a personal favorite movie with aliens?

Formerly Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey". That was damn logical. Then there were a lot of technically perfect films, but the content was scrap and where it was all about the shooting. That wasn't my case. “Avatar” by James Cameron, on the other hand, is a sensational film, simply well done.

You are a Catholic. For example, do you believe that one day Jesus will return with a UFO and aliens?

I myself was in a Catholic Jesuit boarding school for six years. I have never lost my faith in God. I pray every night. Only: My belief in the Jesus story has of course changed and is no longer the same as it was in my youth. I no longer see Jesus as God's Son. But I see God, the grandiose spirit of creation, what is behind it and where we are all actually just microbes. The question of God is a question of definition.

When are their gods or aliens supposed to return?

I suppose in the next ten or fifteen years.

In the past few years we have already experienced some hype about a possible end of the world - such as the excitement about the expired Maya calendar some time ago ...

That's not why the world is going to end! Even if aliens reappear, it won't be the end of the world. It doesn't go under. It's just beginning a new phase.

In your opinion, will these aliens be good or bad?

Rather good. In the past, at least, they have always been helpful. You have taught people and taught them things. But there were always a few villains. They appear in the Bible under the name "fallen angels". But by and large I would say: the spaceship command was helpful.

How do you keep fit at the age of 78? Do you have a special recipe from the gods?

I don't notice the age! I still smoke, drink my glass of red wine every night and I'm fine. It must be work. I've been married to the same woman for 54 years and every Sunday - if possible - we have lunch together. And then the same ceremony always follows: "I hold her hands and say:" Elisabeth, something else will come of me! "(Laughs)

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