Is a bum attractive on a guy

What is a nice buttocks for men?

Whether flat or lush, the rear part is definitely an eye-catcher. According to the Berliner Zeitung (BZ), 25 percent of women look at theirs firstPo! Whether or not you have a nice bottom can supposedly be calculated.

Stable spine = beautiful bottom?

According to the Berliner Kurier, researchers at the University of Texas have found out that nice bum not necessarily around big pos must act. Rather, the study claims the curvature of theSpine is decisive for whether a butt is perceived by men as attractive. The perfect curvature is therefore 45.5 degrees, since this angle radiates health from an evolutionary point of view and implies a problem-free pregnancy.

The perfect butt index

But there are other theories as well. At the University of Lancashire they also want to have cracked the key to the perfect bottom: Easywaist size by Hip circumference share. If the result is 0.7, the study says you have a nice butt.

This is what men say on the internet about beautiful butts

They share on the subject of beautiful butts Opinions also in network. In the online forum, for example, a forum user expresses himself as follows: "I like things to be a bit more feminine, that means I have to Roundings be visible. So the woman should have some meat on her ribs and not look as starved as most models. "

He's met with a lot of support, because many men online agree with him. However, there are also opposing voices, for example from this user, who writes as if he had carried out a survey, because he thinks he knows: "Most European men (including me) like smaller butts. However, many Americans like bigger ones Butt."

So don't worry, dear women: There seems to be no such thing as the ultimate beautiful bottom that every man melts away on, and beauty is well known in the eye of the Viewer.

The little Po ABC

By the way, some men also measure a beautiful butt by its shape. Here you can find an overview of the types of Po.

  • Nectarine: This butt is in great demand and is considered the ideal shape. The reason: It is small, round and tight. However, only every tenth woman has such a bottom shape
  • Apple: Crunchy and with round buttocks - many women would like to have an apple butt. This shape is an absolute eye-catcher, especially in skinny jeans.
  • Pear: 15 percent of women have a pear-shaped rump. Just like the fruit, the bottom is narrower towards the hips and becomes fuller towards the back.
  • Tomato: Similar to the nectarine butt, the tomato shape is round and plump, just not quite as crunchy as the nectarine. By the way, 45 percent of all women have such a bottom.
  • Potato: Then there is the so-called potato shape. It is characterized by the fact that the bottom is big and wide. 30 percent of women have such a butt.