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Ceramic carries graphic
Masha Reva is the front woman of the current Ukrainian creative scene. As the daughter of an artist and a fashion designer, she studied at the renowned Central Saint Martins College in London and now works as an artistic all-rounder between graphics and fashion, design and art direction in Kiev. Nadiia Shapoval worked for many years in the fashion business and brand management and worked for Ukrainian fashion labels before starting her own project "Nadiia". Her first collection is a ceramic series, her first accomplice Masha Reva.

The pottery plates and vessels were made by traditional Ukrainian craft workshops. The common mission of the duo is to bring the unique indigenous techniques together with the work of modern creatives. “I want to give traditional handcrafted objects a contemporary character and draw international attention to the beauty and depth of our cultural heritage,” says Nadiia Shapoval. Masha Reva's art with characteristic black lines and bold strokes of color accentuates the warmth and beauty of Ukrainian ceramics, which have been an integral part of family and community life for generations. The cooperative project should only be the starting shot for further collections that reflect national facets - and bring the Ukrainian identity back to its roots. tp